Man Breaks Up With His Fiancée When He Finds Out She Bullies His Ex

"I don't want to be married to a bully."

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It’s not uncommon to hear stories of an ex coming between a couple. However, you don’t often hear of an ex causing a breakup without even doing anything.

Although it’s rare, that’s what happened to one engaged couple when a man found out his fiancée bullied his ex-girlfriend.

A man broke up with his fiancée because he found out she was a bully.

An anonymous man posted to Reddit for feedback on the decision he had made to break up with his fiancée.


“We have been together three years, engaged for one,” he said. “Before her, I dated Sarah. We are all acquaintances and while we don’t hang out with Sarah, occasionally we run into her. While my breakup with Sarah wasn’t amicable, we are very cordial now.



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Unfortunately, his fiancée ruined the neutral relationship they had.

“We were at [a] house-warming party, and Sarah was there, which set my fiancée on edge, and I noticed that, but I didn’t say anything because she’s an adult,” the man explained.

“Then I overheard her talking to Sarah and some other girls,” he said. “My fiancée was laughing and telling Sarah, ‘[Oh my gosh,] you are so fat now.’”

This shocked the man. “It made me ick,” he said.

He asked his fiancée why she had said such a thing, but her response wasn’t good enough for him. “She laughed and said it was nothing, [and] Sarah did look like she gained weight.”




Then, one of his other friends filled him in on the truth. “She left to get more wine, and one other friend told me that my fiancée always bullied Sarah,” he said.

The man only saw one path forward. “I tried talking and discussing why it wasn’t okay with my fiancée, but she was brushing it off, not seeing any problems,” he said. “I broke up with her. She started crying and begging, but I said it was over. I don’t want to be married to a bully.”

Now, after going through such a painful situation, the man is left to wonder if he did anything wrong by breaking his fiancée’s heart.


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Bullying is more of an issue among adults than you might expect.

When you think of bullying, it’s more common to think of children at school. However, bullying is becoming more and more prevalent among adults.

Very Well Mind stated, “While many believe that bullying only happens throughout childhood, it doesn’t always stop once we grow up. In fact, almost one in three adult Americans report being bullied, with 43% feeling that adult bullying has become a more acceptable behavior.”

Furthermore, Very Well Mind listed multiple mental health concerns as consequences of bullying, including depression.


Although it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, adult bullying is a real problem. Many people fall victim to it or become perpetrators. It’s something that’s important to be aware of.

Commenters were on the man’s side.

Fellow Reddit users were overwhelmingly on the side of the man who originally posted. 

I get being jealous but that never gives the right for someone to bully and make someone feel so low,” one person said.

Another person claimed that the man dodged a bullet and said, “She would 100% start bullying you.”




“You’re not choosing Sarah over her,” a third person said. “You’re choosing yourself over her. Her behavior here speaks to her character, and knowing it’s been going on a long time means it’s going to continue.”

Although this man was worried he might have done something wrong by breaking up with his fiancée, it was clearly the right decision. There’s no way to know how bad things could have gotten if he had stayed in the relationship.

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