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Man 'Throws Out' His Pregnant Girlfriend Because She's Bad With Money & Refuses To Pay Rent

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It’s hard enough to sustain a relationship without added pressure. One man thought he was facing typical relationship issues until he found out just how deep-seated those problems were. Now, he’s left wondering if he did the right thing.

A man decided he had no choice but to 'throw out' his pregnant girlfriend because of her problems handling money.

An anonymous man posted on Reddit seeking advice after going through plenty of drama with his girlfriend. He explained that when they moved in together, she vowed to pay her share of the rent. 

“When she first moved in, she insisted on paying rent, and I was reluctant to charge her if it didn’t work out, but she forced it and paid a month,” he stated. “Then I found out she’s struggling for money, unable to pay for things, is in a lot of debt and lives month to month. She agreed with me that she’d start when she clears the debt.”

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However, that point never came. She moved into a toxic cycle of loaning money to family members who claimed to be in need but never paid it back and gambling away the rest.

“I tell her enough is enough, and she needs to start paying her way,” he said. “If she can give handouts to her family and gamble, she can pay for where she lives and she’s taken me for a ride when she should’ve been saving and clearing debts.”

The man added that his girlfriend did contribute to his food budget, both for groceries and eating out. However, her contribution was always smaller than his.

Finally, he decided he had enough. “I’ve kicked her out as of yesterday and told her she needs to find somewhere to live,” he stated. “She is, however, pregnant, and she’s using that card as a way to guilt trip me and make out I’ve thrown out her and my child onto the streets.”

Despite the boyfriend’s resolution to move on, he gave his girlfriend one more chance.

Although the man removed his girlfriend from his place and told her to get her own, he let her back in for one more chance, this time with an “ultimatum.” He insisted that she contribute financially, begin paying off her debts, and be “open” with him about everything, including her bank statements. 

“I believe she’s turned a corner and start getting along with her better and she moves back in,” he said. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.

Man 'Throws Out' His Pregnant Girlfriend Because She's Bad With MoneyPhoto: Oleksandr P / Pexels

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“As I was [sitting] next to her phone last night when she went to grab a drink, her phone lit up with a text message,” he stated. “It read ‘loan accepted by X lender, click here to accept.’”

The boyfriend was furious and confronted her. She confessed to not having any money and taking out more loans, all while refusing to show him her bank statements.

For his part, the boyfriend said, “I told her this isn’t going to work, and she tells me I’m a controlling freak basically, and she agrees and I’ve not heard from her since.”

There are multiple things couples can do to make finances easier on themselves.

Investopedia listed six money problems that can occur in relationships. These included “ignoring personality differences,” “staging power plays,” and “coping with extended family.”



They said, “The best way to handle such marriage [and relationship] stressors is with honest communication of expectations, hopes, goals, and anxieties. Couples should also practice empathy, have the maturity to check their egos, and abandon any predilection for control.”

While there are certainly resources for couples struggling with their finances, and some of these things might have helped, there is also no easy answer for everyone. It is also necessary to acknowledge that some people are beyond what you can do personally, as this man did. Never be afraid to cut your losses while you still can.

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