'Lonely' Mom Confesses To Cheating On Her Overseas Husband Of 8 Years — Finds Out Her Husband Has A Secret Wife & Kids Too

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

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It isn’t easy to be a mom to three kids with an overseas husband who only visits occasionally. Long distance may work for some, but in this particular case, one mom succumbed to her loneliness and had an affair. 

What started as a desire for affection spiraled into something much more complicated, and as she put all of the pieces together, she discovered a truth she was not expecting. 

The mom took to TikTok to confess to cheating on her overseas husband living in Germany, and the story only got more complex.

The woman, Victoria Royal Galloway, began her story explaining how she and her husband have been married for eight years and they have two sons and one daughter together, but he currently lives overseas in Germany and comes back to America to visit about three times a year, only staying for two to three weeks at a time. 


Galloway confessed in her video that she has had a hard time and she’s been feeling lonely, leading her to cheat on her husband with a man she met at a bar. What began as a one-night stand gradually became an affair.



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She shared that the affair has been going on for two years now, and she has recently discovered she’s pregnant with the man’s baby. She hasn’t informed him yet, but she knows for certain that the baby is his.

One night, she was staying at his place, and she glanced at some of the photos he had framed; she noticed a very familiar face. 

In his home, the man had a framed photo of him, and Galloway’s husband hung up on his wall.

She was astounded. How did they know each other?

She finally decided the least suspecting way to find out was to ask about everyone in his photos.

She discovered that her affair partner was not just a stranger she met at a bar — he was her husband’s brother. She learned that the two of them were half-brothers with the same dad, who passed away many years earlier, and they were “very close.” She was confused by this because her husband never made any mention of this brother. 


'Lonely' Mom Confesses To Cheating On Her Overseas Husband Of 8 Years — Finds Out Her Husband Has A Secret Wife & Kids Too

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She couldn’t believe she had been having an affair with her brother-in-law this entire time, but the story didn’t end there.

She pried her brother-in-law for information about her husband, but she was not expecting what she found out.

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Galloway learned her husband lived in Germany with his wife and two kids.

Galloway could not believe what she was discovering. She then started retreating to the possibility that maybe the man in the photo wasn’t her husband. But as her affair partner directed her to another collage of pictures in his home, she saw photos of her husband with his wife and their two boys in Germany, which Galloway said looked “identical” to her own two sons at home.

In fact, as she glanced at the photos, she spotted a photo of her own boys. She was confused and overwhelmed, but she chose to keep her secret.

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In an updated TikTok, she explained she was planning to let her affair partner know about the pregnancy, but she was still formulating a plan on whether she wanted to take the pregnancy to term.

Galloway's husband has a history of infidelity.

When Galloway was pregnant with her son, she explained that her husband confessed to cheating on her with her own cousin. She said she was “devastated” by this, never witnessing any signs or red flags that this was going on behind her back. 

Alas, she chose to stay with him and give him another chance. He assured her he would never cheat again, and she believed him.



“I’m really financially stable with him,” she explained. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, I do hair on the side. I don’t have to worry about nothing, so I don’t want to mess up what I got going on. I’m just trying to find the perfect time to actually bring this up to him.”


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Galloway additionally discovered she isn’t the only woman her affair partner has been seeing. 

Galloway decided to spend the night at her affair partner's place, and after he left for work at 1 a.m., she was startled awake by aggressive knocking on the front door of his apartment. But when she checked to see who it was, no one was there.

She packed up her things and walked downstairs to leave, but as she did, she ran into another woman, who began yelling and arguing with her, claiming to be her affair partner’s girlfriend. 



She kept pressing Galloway, asking how she knew him, and Galloway claimed to be his maid. 


Galloway finally left and texted him letting him know that this woman was at his apartment asking for him. When he finally got back to her, he was full of anger and rage, confronting her about the TikTok videos she recently posted confessing the details of her situation.

He defensively argued that the baby wasn’t his and he had his own girlfriend, but she specifically explained that he’s the only man she’s been with while her husband was away.

Galloway hasn’t made any other specific updates on her experience, but many are confused and doubtful it’s even true.

The absurdity of Galloway’s experience has sparked conversations in the comments, and many are speculating about the validity of her story, which seems more like the content of a soap opera than a woman’s real life.


Many have reshared her wild experience, describing it as “one of the craziest stories” they’ve ever heard on TikTok. People have called Galloway a “brilliant storyteller,” while others have claimed her story doesn’t quite add up or make sense. 



There is certainly a chance that she made the story up to gain more views, and it wouldn’t be the first time a content creator fabricated an intriguing story time for media attention. If that’s the case, then her plan worked, and she has millions of TikTokers invested in her story like it’s the next best reality TV show

Whether her experience is true or not, Galloway certainly has a lot of thinking to do in terms of her recent pregnancy, which her husband’s brother refuses to own up to. 

Perhaps she and her husband can come to some sort of agreement in their marriage where they both continue to support each other while pursuing their own affairs, seeing as they’re already doing this anyway, and he won’t be able to move back to the U.S. 


Whatever the truth is, Galloway is a great storyteller, alright, but now that another baby is supposedly being brought into the situation, she needs to put the well-being of her children above anything else, as learning both of their parents have been having affairs will impact their lives.

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