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Husband Considering Divorce After His Wife ‘Made Out’ With Her Maid Of Honor At Their Wedding Reception

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One would hope that by the time a couple makes it down the aisle, both partners would have a decent idea of the other's demeanor while intoxicated. However, one husband shared on Reddit that he is considering divorce because his new wife, Sarah, repeatedly makes out with other women while drunk — and even did so at their wedding. 

Despite making her partner uncomfortable, the woman continuously kissed other women while drunk.

In the four years that the couple has been together, the 24-year-old man claimed that they have only had one major issue — Sarah's inability to keep her lips to herself.

"My wife is a drinker, she only drinks about once a week, but usually drinks way more than she can handle," he wrote. "When we first got together I realized she has a habit of making out with random women when she is drunk."

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The man shared that, because he is bisexual, he rightfully considers her actions to be cheating.

"I don't think this is sexy or exciting," he explained. "After the second time I caught her about a few months into dating I sat her down and told her that absolutely would not be OK as long as we were in a committed relationship," he shared.

After several long conversations, she promised to cut back on drinking and quit kissing other women, though that obviously didn't last. He has since caught her kissing two more women, one of which was Brooke, her "best friend turned maid of honor." After the husband had a self-proclaimed meltdown about her breaking the promise, he and Sarah went to therapy and couple's counseling so she could understand how much her actions hurt him.

"I told her if it ever happens again regardless of the circumstances I was out," he wrote.

At their wedding, the bride was seen kissing her maid of honor on the dance floor.

During the reception, they both got pretty drunk, though the man clarified that they were "not black out or belligerent." At one point in the night, his wife asked him to get her a comfortable pair of shoes, but he was not prepared for what he would see when he returned.  

His wife was making out with her maid of honor in the middle of the dance floor. Hurt and upset, he "stomped [his] way into the reception, pushed Brooke out of the way," and confronted his wife. "At this point, everyone stopped and looked at us and I just threw the shoes and walked out," he wrote. "Sarah chased me out."

The husband admitted that has since canceled their honeymoon and is "strongly considering divorce." Although his wife was upset and apologetic at first, she "has gone from begging to crying to name-calling," and now is mad at him for embarrassing her at their wedding.

Now, he's asking Reddit for advice on whether or not he was in the wrong for causing a scene and desiring a divorce.

"I think I'm just done this time. She's hurt me so many times and can't even see what she's doing wrong," he wrote.

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There are several reasons a straight woman might kiss another woman.

According to a recent study, same-sex performativity "between women who identify as heterosexual, is a relatively common relational experience among college-aged women." In fact, about 20 to 30% of straight-identifying college women admit to doing so. Common motivations include male attention, shock factor, alcohol, and sexual experimentation.

Still, many Queer people find this practice disrespectful, particularly when doing so for male attention or validation. Others take issue with the fact that many women see this as something other than cheating, thus unintentionally negating LGBTQIA+ relationships.



Most of the comments agreed with the husband that his wife did in fact cheat and was a “walking red flag” for breaking her promise.

Ultimately, the woman hurt her partner by repeatedly violating his clearly stated boundaries. 

Regardless of her reasoning, Sarah repeatedly did something that her partner made clear he was uncomfortable with. He stated his boundaries and time and time again she ignored them.

Kissing someone other than your partner at your wedding is not OK, especially if your partner has already made their boundaries clear. Though she may not consider her actions to be cheating, he clearly does and that's what matters.

"You set your boundaries with her and she violated them multiple times including at your wedding," one commenter wrote. "Find someone who treats you better and respects you."

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