4 Common Mistakes Women Make When Breaking Up, According To Divorce Attorneys

Woman leaving divorce

Navigating the rollercoaster of divorce is challenging.

We're here to chat about the unfiltered talk directly from the desks of divorce attorneys. They've witnessed it all and have some crucial insights.

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The four most common mistakes divorce lawyers see made by women 

1. Financial footing oversight

One of the big slip-ups divorce attorneys often notice is the oversight of financial footing.

Before the storm hits, it's crucial to have a solid grasp of your financial situation. Understand capital, debts, and overall financial health. It's like laying the foundation for a secure post-divorce future. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your financial independence.

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2. Neglecting self-care

Picture this: legal battles, negotiations, and emotional turbulence. One common pitfall women stumble into is neglecting self-care in the legal tug-of-war.

Divorce attorneys emphasize the importance of maintaining emotional and physical well-being during this challenging time. It's like having your self-care toolkit – whether it's yoga, therapy, or a good book, find what nurtures your soul amidst the legal chaos.

3. Underestimating the power of legal allies

Ever heard the phrase, "Don't go to battle unarmed"? Well, that holds in divorce, too. One significant mistake divorce attorneys often observe is underestimating the power of legal and professional allies. Seeking professional advice early on can make a world of difference.

It's like having a seasoned guide through the legal labyrinth, ensuring your rights are protected, and your voice is heard. Working with the right attorney will help you make better and more informed choices with long-term benefits.



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4. Choosing the wrong divorce process for you

Just because your best friend went through a lengthy and acrimonious divorce does not mean that the same approach would be in your best interest. Educate yourself about various approaches to divorce, especially mediation or collaborative divorce, and pick the right approach for you and your family. Not every divorce has to be a war.

Navigating a divorce can be challenging, but avoiding these common pitfalls can be a game-changer. Remember, you're not alone, and there's strength in seeking support. Learn from these insights, stay financially savvy, prioritize self-care, and never underestimate the importance of having a legal ally by your side and picking the right divorce process for you. Here's to resilience, strength, and thriving through life's twists and turns!

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Anna Krolikowska is an attorney, mediator, and collaborative divorce practitioner in Illinois.