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What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

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When you pick a position to fall asleep in, you probably think that it's just about what is comfortable for your body, and how easy it is for you to drift off into dreamland.

But whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, science says your sleeping position might have more to do with your personality. Yes, that means that your sleep position determines the type of person you are.

Research shows that how you sleep physically has ties to your personality, mental and physical status.

A study conducted by Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, looked into six different sleep positions, and found that each are linked to different personality types.

What does your sleeping position say about your personality?

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1. The Fetal Position

The fetal position is when you curl up like a fetus would in the womb. It's the most common sleep position, as 41 percent of the 1,000 participants in the study sleep this way, more than twice of whom were women.

Idzikowski found that this means you put on a tough exterior, but you're really a softy deep down inside.

Though you are a bit standoffish and shy when meeting new people, you eventually calm down and open up.

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2. The Log Position

The log position is when you lie on your side and have your arms parallel to your torso and legs. Fifteen percent of participants said they sleep in this position.

If you tend to fall asleep in this position, you are easy-going, sociable, and are usually in the popular crowd. But despite this, you tend to be gullible.

3. The Yearner

The yearner position means you lie on your side with both arms out in front of you, as if you form a misshapen, upside-down L.

If you yearn to lie on your side and have your arms in front of you, you're less gullible but are more cynical and suspicious of others. You have a hard time making decisions, but stand by your choices once you make them.

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4. The Starfish Position

Only five percent of participants sleep in the starfish position, which is when you sleep on your back with both of your arms up by your head, around your pillow.

If you sleep in this position, you are a good friend to others due to your willingness to lend a helping hand and listen with an open mind and heart. Unlike those who sleep in the log position, you don't crave the spotlight.

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5. The Soldier

The soldier position means you lay on your back with both of your arms pinned to your sides. Eight percent of participants said they sleep in the soldier position.

If this is your sleep position, it means you tend to be quiet, conservative and reserved. You don't like making a big deal out of situations, but you hold others and yourself to very high standards.

6. Freefall

If you sleep in the freefall position, it means you lie on your stomach with your hands around the pillow and your head turned to one side. Seven percent of participants sleep in this position.

Those who sleep in freefall are friendly and assertive, but often lack the thick-skin needed to handle criticism and high-pressure situations.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on April 7, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.