What Happened When A Dietitian Ate Like Victoria Beckham For A Day

I didn't realize how much dedication it took to have that kind of body.

  • Emma Colsey-Nicholls

Written on Apr 17, 2023

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Victoria Beckham is the epitome of so-called THINspiration in the '00s. She has been super-svelt since she first appeared as Posh Spice when the Spice Girls first formed back in 1994

Whether it’s the pressures of now being constantly in the public eye, or entrenched in the fashion industry, she has sustained her super slim physique for decades.

Is it something that people should be aspiring to, or should this ultra-thinness come with a warning label?


I’m not sure I would ever aspire to be that thin, but after watching a recent video from dietitian Abbey Sharp, I’m certain that I will never be, and actually don’t want to be that thin.

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The cost of thinness

The cost of maintaining Victoria Beckham's level of lean is high.

I have to give Victoria some credit, though, because at least she's honest about what it takes to remain to look the way she does.

One of my biggest irritations when it comes to the world of celebrity is that it’s often just a smokescreen of lies. I wish more people were honest about what it takes for them to look that way.

To do it without the assistance of drugs, unless you are more naturally very lean and thin (and some people are) it takes serious dedication and constant restriction and pretty much eating the same things most days.

To me, this lifestyle is bland and a little bit sad. 


In an interview, David Beckham comments on his sadness that his wife will never share or eat the same foods as the rest of the family.

“Unfortunately, I am married to someone who has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years. Since I met Victoria, she only eats grilled fish and steamed vegetables. She will only very rarely deviate away from that. The only time she has ever shared something that has been on my plate, was actually when she was pregnant with Harper. It was the most amazing thing, it was one of my most favorite evenings.” — David Beckham speaking on River Cafe Table 4 podcast

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This quote really speaks to me. For many people, myself included, favorite memories with family and friends are based on amazing meals that we've enjoyed together. Of course, good times don’t just have to be around food or drink, but I don’t think we have to completely abstain from them, either.


We can certainly find balance and joy around food and health.

In the video, Sharp also highlights the dangers of eating too much fish and not having enough balance of different protein sources in your diet.

Eating too much fish can lead to higher than safe levels of mercury in the bloodstream. It’s actually recommended that you only eat 2–3 portions of fish per week to keep mercury levels lower. Victoria states she eats fish twice per day.

What happened when trying to eat like Victoria Beckham

In the end, Sharpe really didn’t eat at all like Victoria Beckham. She refused to do it because she knew that it would not satisfy her own needs. Instead, she used the basic day and decided to fill it out a little more.


A day in Victoria’s Beckham diet looks something like this:

  • Avoids tea & coffee. Has 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach and a cup of lemon juice in warm water
  • Green Monster smoothie — apple, kiwi, lemon, spinach, broccoli, chia seeds, and coconut water. Or Avocado toast on Ezekiel bread
  • Salad with avocado, nuts, no oil just balsamic vinegar, and grilled fish
  • Grilled fish and steamed vegetables

Abbey refused to put herself through that and instead showed how she could adapt meals to make them more delicious whilst still remaining nutritious, varied, and supportive of having a healthy body weight. Also what I believe is key, is to actually be able to enjoy the foods that you eat.

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What it takes to maintain that level of leanness 

It takes a lot of exercise, way more than most of us mere mortals have time for. Beckham says she workouts twice a day for at least two hours a day. That’s wonderful if you have the time to do that — but you don’t have to set unrealistic expectations for yourself.


It takes a lot of restriction and barely ever getting to enjoy food that you love or that actually brings real pleasure into your life.

Ultimately, anyone can choose how they want to live their life; she's maintained the same physique for years. 

We also have no idea what Victoria’s health is like. She could be perfectly healthy.


My own beliefs about health and well-being are that it’s not just about looking good on the outside. Living a life worth living is also feeling the joys and wonders of life, and some of that includes food.

Life and health don't have to be so all-or-nothing; we can learn to take a more gentle approach to health and nutrition and find our own happy balance that serves us both physically and mentally.

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Emma Colsey-Nicholls is a health and mindset transformation coach, and the founder of Online Better Body Coaching, which aims to help women ditch dieting and find freedom with food and their bodies.