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There Are 8 Types Of Nipples In The World — Which Kind Do You Have?

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8 types of nipples shown with lemons

Boobs are a glorious thing. (Trust me, I have them!)

And a large part of their beauty is that breasts come in so many shapes and sizes.

From perky pep-filled mams, to chunky, clumsy mummies, the world is one giant symphony of bosom.

And as for nipples? Well, the nipple is the sonata! (Concerto? I'll be honest, I have kind of lost the thread on this one.)

We all have learned to appreciate our bodies as being perfectly unique snowflakes, and to a certain extent, that's totally true.

But as it turns out, when it comes to nipples, there are just 8 different types.

So while you might be able to do something special with your boobs, like unlock your gym locker, your nipples probably fall into the same category as one of the horrified women watching you perform said trick.

Nipple colors vary from person to person, and areolas come in different sizes mainly affected by hereditary factors.

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Want to known which of the 8 different types of nipples do you have? Check out the images and descriptions below to figure it out.

8 Different Types of Nipples

1. Supernumerary Nipples

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Some folks have an extra nipple! This may seem weird, but it's actually far more common than you probably think.

They can appear as full nipples, or as moles.

Fun fact: Harry Styles has confirmed he has two extra nipples!

2. Hairy Nipples

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Everyone has hair follicles around their nipples, but some have more than others. It's okay to pluck them, but be gentle!

You so don't want an ingrown nipple hair.

(Trust me. I've been there.)

3. Bumpy Nipples

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Bumps on the areola? Ain't no thing!

Those are called Montgomery glands. They can look like whiteheads. In fact, I long assumed mine were.

You can even squeeze dead skin cells from them, but don't, you don't want to risk a glandular infection.

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4. Inverted Nipples

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A nipple retracts when it turns inward, rather than outward.

Inverted nipples are when both nipples go inwards instead of out.

It's a nice, contained look, no worrying about cold movie theaters for you!

5. Unilaterally Inverted Nipples

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Unilaterally inverted nipples are nips that are always happy to see you.

Expect them to wink in greeting, constantly.

This is totally normal, one of biology's glorious quirks.

6. Puffy Nipples

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Puffy nipples are small soft mounds perched on top of each breast. They are often extra sensitive to cold.

They are also adorable.

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7. Flat Nipples

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Flat nipples keep a super-low profile. They blend right into the areola, and are all, "Nipple, what nipples?"

8. Protruding Nipples

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Protruding nipples are always up for action. Literally.

Get on with your sassy selves, you owners of protruding nips!

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