There Are 8 Different Boob Shapes — Which One Do You Have?

Who knew there was so much glorious diversity?

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When I think of boobs, I think in terms of size. 

People either have small boobs, medium boobs, big boobs, or oh-my-god sized boobs. 

The reality is that no one boob is exactly the same — even when they are sitting on the same chest. 

While boob size is definitely one factor when it comes to different types of boobs, there's another factor to weigh in: shape. 

Bra experts have agreed that when it comes to talking about boobs every single woman can fit into one of the eight different categories. 


I have to say, I believe them! I usually roll my eyes at lists like this, but I swear to you this is the first time I've read a list and been like "whoa, that is exactly what my boobs look like, are there cameras in here?" 

What type of boobs do you have? 

1. Athletic boobs

Athletic boobs have less fatty tissue and more muscle. Think Keira Knightley boobs. 


2. Round boobs

Round boobs are completely round and sit high on the chest. These mythical creatures don't even really need bras and also I hate them.

3. East-West boobs

East-west boobs are full, but tend to slope out in opposite directions. Ample space between them in another characteristic. 


4. Relaxed boobs

Yo, it's me! Relaxed boobs have a lot of give and their nipples point down. They are also the funniest boobs to draw on notebooks, IMO.

5. Side set boobs

Like east-west boobs, side set boobs are full. But rather than pointing outwards they are defined by the large space between each breast. 


6. Slender boobs

Slender boobs are smaller at the top than the bottom and they are longer than they are wide. This sounds like a riddle, but it is a boob type. 


7. Bell shape boobs

Bell shaped boobs are very full and slightly smaller at the top of the breast. If a woman has large breasts this is a common shape. 


8. Teardrop boobs

Teardrop boobs are exactly what they sound like, boobs that are shaped like a tear drop. If you love buying bras this type is great a basically every bra flatters a teardrop shape.