This Magical Chocolate Will Instantly Cure Your Period Cramps

God bless the soul who created this.

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Ladies, you will never believe your eyes or your luck!

If you've been looking for a way to find relief from your period pain, while also making sure that your cravings are satisfied, then look no further. Magic chocolate is here to cure your period cramps!

Most women have experienced excruciating cramps and pain as a result of menstruating. And sometimes, that hot water bottle or Midol doesn't make a difference. Enter: chocolate made specifically to ease the pain!


While the Swiss have been making chocolate forever, some kind soul finally took it upon themselves to take two of the most wonderful, amazing things — chocolate and period relief — and turn them into a mystifying, delicious spell to soothe your rampaging uterus.

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This is great news for women everywhere, and I’m going to have a take a minute to go and order some, like ... now.  

Chocolate With Love” is the company behind this miracle food, which they’ve named Frauenmond.

In English, it means “women’s moon,” which is a sweet way to describe a period, since really it should probably be, “Oh God, I’m bleeding without end; also, I'm hungry, sad, and everything hurts.”


The Frauenmond chocolate is made of 60 percent cocoa, but that’s not even the best part of its pain-relieving goodness.

Chocolate can make you happy if you eat enough of it, but that alone isn’t strong enough to ease the terrible, sometimes mind-numbing pain that comes with having period cramps.

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If you’re like me, then your periods are pretty savage like tiny demons tap dancing on your pelvis and spine, so you know that a bit of sweetness is far from being enough.

So, what do they add to this cocoa-y yumminess to make those awful period demons take off their shoes and rest? 


According to the creator, Marc Widmer, they also include seventeen different kinds of herbs that make your lady parts mellow out.

“We want to make the menstruation days of women more comfortable,” says Widmer. Do you hear that? Ladies around the world just simultaneously went, “Aww!” at exactly the same time.

If the creator of cramp-fixing chocolate doesn’t have women throwing themselves at him, you could color me surprised.

Any guy who wants to make a woman’s period better by giving her pain-relieving herbs and chocolate definitely gets put down in the Big Book of Awesome Dudes.

So now, don’t reach for that inferior piece of chocolate that you’re craving when Aunt Flo is visiting — grab the good stuff that will actually make her visit a bit more pleasant for everyone involved, and let it work that awesome magic on your special time of the month.  


Frauenmond is being crowdfunded, but hopefully, it will be on shelves soon.

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