7 Relationship Promises That People With Anxiety And Depression Wish They Could Make

People with anxiety and depression love a little differently.

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There are so many things I will have to say to my future husband on our wedding day. Most of them will probably revolve around silly memories we’ve made together and the love I’m going to promise him for the rest of his life. I’ll probably thank his family for making him the man he is, and cry when I talk about his endless support of every fleeting idea I have.

There are a few I would want to say, though, that only he would get. Things that only a person in the midst of loving someone with anxiety and depression would understand. He deserves to know all of the things I vow to him in those moments when I’m rattled by my mental health.


These are the wedding vow examples I wish I could say to my future husband about my anxiety and depression.

Here are 7 vows that people with anxiety and depression wish they could make:

1. I promise to let your love be the shining beacon of hope when I’m in my darkest spot

The spot that you and I know I retreat to when I’ve been beaten down by my mental health. I promise that you will be the reason I come back from there and your reminder of support will be the mantra I repeat till I’m back to me.


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2. I promise to love you on my bad days but even more on my good days

You’ve seen me on my worst days and managed to still be there. While I can’t promise to be the best wife on my bad days, I promise on my good days I’ll do everything that’s above and beyond to make sure you know how appreciated you are.

3. I promise to try to over-communicate on the bad days, so you know it’s not you

I know it’s going to feel like my anger and despair is your fault but it’s not. I know that it’s going to feel like you’re the reason I’m upset but we both know it’s something deep within me causing me to have an episode of pain.

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4. I promise to get help and reach out to people, including you when I’m not doing so well

Bad days are inevitable. We do live in a world where things are happening constantly. I’m going to spiral and have times when getting out of bed is hard and trying to function regularly is even harder. I am going to talk to you about it. I’m going to get myself back to normal, so I can love you the way you deserve.

5. I promise I’ll try to stop thinking you’re going to leave after every anxiety attack or bout of depression

You’re still here. After everything you’ve seen and heard, you’re still here. That means more to me than anything you could ever realize. My love with you, everything has gotten a little easier and your strength to hold me up when I’m down has been the catalyst.

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6. I promise that all my weird quirks that stem from my anxiety will get easier to deal with

I know it’s super annoying that I can’t have anything touch on my plate. I know it gets irritating that I measure parts of my sandwich before I eat them. But I promise that those things won’t be prominent forever. I’ll try to tone them down or at least stop talking about them so much.


7. I promise that I’ll never leave you behind

Not now, not ever. I am not going anywhere. I know it’s scary when I talk about my life not being worth it. I know there are times when you think that I’m going to leave you here alone and you’ll have to deal with the aftermath of me leaving. But I’m not going anywhere. If this love is all that I ever get in this life that makes sense, then I am completely OK with that.

Loving someone with anxiety and depression isn’t easy but we both know that together, they’re just a piece of me and our love is more powerful than either of those.

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Alex Brown is a writer that’s been featured in Thought Catalog, The Mighty, and Teen Vogue. She writes about love, mental health, and wanderlust. She is the author of You, Me & Depression: A Battle of the Heart and the Mind.