5 Little Habits That'll Immediately Energize You

Give yourself that much-needed boost.

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We often fail to see how our overall happiness and wellness are driven by consistent habits. It’s not a personality thing or what we’re born with. We are what we repeatedly do. We need not make this hard. Start with the small, easy habits. Not only will these energize us by themselves, but they form the vital early steps that bridge into more substantial habits that take our lives to even higher levels.


Here are 5 little habits that will energize you through the day:

1. 12 squats or equivalent

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing twelve super-quick squats between writing and work sessions throughout the day. It’s fast and easy and, therefore, way easier to persuade myself to do. It’s just automatic. Doing this might not turn me into a Greek god overnight, but it can make the difference between a pepped-up writing session and a dead one. It also gets me into the mindset of continual exercise, which motivates me to bring other positive habits into my life more effortlessly.

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2. 3 long slow, and shallow nose breaths into the belly

Breaths can and should be long and shallow for calm — it’s the deep gulps that are not good because that tends to mean taking in too much CO2 too quickly. Slowing it down ensures a steady in-flow of O2. Learn more by reading The Oxygen Advantage. Deep breathing is overrated, and shallow nose breathing is underrated and incredibly powerful. Doing this signals your parasympathetic nervous whatchamacallit to calm yourself down and fill your cells with oxygen. It works. Do it yourself and experience the wave of calm that washes over you as you slowly breathe out. Use breathing as a tool whenever you feel anxious, or need a quick energy lift.

3. Drink a cup of water

Most of us blame all kinds of crap when we’re lethargic or moody. Rarely, a few slugs of water don’t boost our energy. The issue is very often that we were dehydrated all along. Instead of staggering to the fridge for yet another snack or drink. It will energize you while keeping the hunger at bay.

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4. Watch comedy

Pull out a video of Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, or Nikki Glaser and get laughing. Feel free to make it a little forced to start. Much like breathing, laughter calms you down and quickly shifts your frequency and level of consciousness. In a similar way to how a forced smile has been proven to change one’s mood, laughter does the same — impacting our entire chemical structure in a few minutes. Mood follows behavior.

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5. Do a chore for 5 minutes

There’s always something that needs to be done around the house. But we only want to keep it short. What singular thing could you attack in five minutes? Maybe you want to clean the kitchen sink? How about a super-speedy bath rinse and shine? Perhaps you’ll make your bed. Attack something. This gets you moving but also creates a sense of responsibility-taking that is always energizing. You’re not stewing in indecision. You’re making a decision, and taking action, while not making it long or complicated. Insta-energy boost and pride. Enjoy.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.