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Woman Banned From Sister’s Wedding After She Refused To Take Off A Piece Of Jewelry Upon The Bride’s Request

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Bride and her sister at wedding

A woman was uninvited from her sister’s wedding after she refused to take off a piece of jewelry her sister didn’t like. The woman later went to Reddit’s “r/AITA” thread to ask people whether she was wrong in this situation.

Her sister, Cindy, is getting married soon and had originally asked her to be the maid of honor for the wedding.

The woman’s sister said her necklace clashed with the wedding theme.

The woman wrote that she has a cross necklace from her grandfather that she wears all the time with the exception of swimming or taking a shower. The necklace is quite important to her and she wears it for sentimental and religious reasons.

One day, the woman was out shopping with Cindy and the rest of the bridesmaids when Cindy saw the woman’s necklace and commented that she didn't like it.

“While I was trying on one of the dresses, Cindy made a comment about my necklace. She told me that I'll have to take my necklace off during her wedding because it ‘clashes with the dress and the theme,’” the woman wrote.

Upon hearing the bride’s request, the woman was surprised as her sister knew how much the necklace meant to her.

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The woman said she understood where her sister was coming from but refused to take it off for the wedding.

The woman wrote, “Cindy started to get upset and kept insisting that I could take off my ‘stupid necklace’ for one day! I was getting frustrated and I told her that my decision was [final].”

After hearing the woman’s decision, Cindy got angry.

“She told me that if some piece of ‘gaudy jewelry’ was so important," she said, "then I'm no longer welcome in her wedding.”

After their argument, the woman changed into her dress and left the store — it seemed the other bridesmaids were on Cindy’s side as well, believing that the woman should’ve just listened to her sister as she was the bride and it was her big day.

Many people claimed the woman was in the wrong.

While there were some people in support of the woman, many people thought that she was wrong and should have agreed to take off her necklace. Everyone thought that since it was the bride’s day, she shouldn’t have argued with her.

One user wrote, “It’s not a tattoo that she’s asking you to remove, it’s a necklace. Please don’t let this be the hill you die on; it’s one day, but it’s one of the most important [days] of your sister’s life.”

Another user wrote, “Brides typically gift jewelry to the wedding party so that they all match. I got all my bridesmaids matching earrings and necklaces. It’s not that hard to not wear it for one day.”

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The bride always has the final say, as long as what she's asking is reasonable.

Traditionally, the bride has the final say in what her bridesmaids wear on her wedding day. As HuffPost contributor and owner of Sandy Malone Weddings & Events has said, while the bride should never tell her bridesmaids to alter their physical characteristics, the bride can make decisions on everything from the bridesmaid's dresses, hairstyles and yes, even jewelry.

As some people pointed out in the comments,  both the bride and the woman were in the wrong in how they handled the situation.

“You say you take it off to go swimming, so what was the big deal to take it off for a few hours for the wedding?" one user wrote. "And of course, her behavior yelling and berating you wasn’t acceptable. But really, she wasn’t asking you to cut your hair, or lose weight, she was asking you to change your necklace for less than a day. I think it’s best for everyone if you’re not in the wedding.”

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