Upset Wife Calls Out Her Husband's Daughters After They Don’t Wish Him A Happy Birthday — ‘It’s Absolutely Unacceptable’

After always sending them gifts and money, this wife can’t fathom why they wouldn’t reach out.

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Holidays and birthdays are chaotic and challenging for many families. For some, it’s not the birthday preparations, gift-giving, or meal-prepping that's the reason for stress, but rather the thought of spending too much time with toxic family members.

However, despite that reality, one TikTok wife was quick to call out her husband’s daughters for neglecting to send him a birthday text when his celebration rolled around.


The upset wife called out her husband’s daughters after they didn’t wish their dad a happy birthday — ‘I’ve never seen him so disappointed.’

In addition to a scathing text, the wife, Cecilia, called out her husband’s daughters — whom she seems to be a stepmother to — publicly on TikTok for not reaching out to wish their dad a happy birthday.

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“My husband’s birthday was yesterday,” she wrote. “He has two daughters, who are 17 and 20. Neither one of them acknowledged his birthday … no card, no ‘happy birthday,’ no nothing!”

Calling them selfish and incompetent in the comments, she couldn't fathom why his daughters wouldn’t reach out, especially considering the financial contributions he has provided over the years.

“They don’t hesitate to ask him for expensive shoes, trips, and money,” she added, “and they get it!"

In their late teens and early twenties, it’s unlikely that they simply forgot their father's birthday — although that would be a perfectly easy explanation. But considering Cecilia reminded the pair, it seems they made a conscious decision to not send their well wishes.


“I’ve never seen him so disappointed and hurt,” she concluded. “I’m so sorry, honey. I love you.”

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Of course, we don't know the details of this family's relationships. But with close to 20% of young adults admitting their relationship with their parents is “poor,” it’s not surprising that these young girls would forgo celebrating their dad on their birthday — especially if they’re yearning for something more rewarding than expensive gifts and financial support.


Given Cecilia called his daughters out publicly, it’s reasonable to assume she’s not helping to bolster a healthy relationship between them.

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Despite ‘financial’ support, many children make the conscious choice to not celebrate their fathers — whether it’s a birthday or Father’s Day.

In a constant yearly battle, many children find it difficult to justify celebrating their parents on days when everyone else seems to be cherishing their parental relationships. Whether it’s founded in resentment, childhood trauma, or a disconnected relationship — it can be empowering to make a conscious decision to forgo a birthday celebration or a Father’s Day text message.

In non-traditional families, many children celebrate their chosen families or parental figures who stepped up to fulfill supportive parental roles — while their “biological parents” are left without celebration. Is that inherently bad? Or should these children have the freedom to choose who they spend their time, energy, and thoughts on?


Many people, including commenters under this wife’s video, argue that it’s ignorant to simply “dismiss” parents on holidays like Father’s Day, even if your relationship isn’t great. “That’s awful,” one person wrote, alluding to not being able to wish their late father a happy birthday or celebrate them one more time.

However, the truth, despite this wife’s opinion and distaste from many parents online, is that adult children can set boundaries like this — choosing to disconnect from their parents who’ve caused them mental, physical, or emotional turmoil. Even parents who put food on the table or spent thousands on gifts to “win you over” may not have provided the love, support, and companionship needed.

So, while it’s tradition to celebrate people on their birthdays or wish your dad a “Happy Father’s Day” when the holiday rolls around, it’s not an obligation. Sometimes, you have to prioritize your own well-being.


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