Watch As Average Men Experience The Excruciating Pain Of Childbirth

And you thought period cramps were bad.

man experiencing childbirth YouTube

How many times have we, as women, explained to men that they don't know real pain until they experience childbirth?

It's even worse when they compare it to getting kicked in their crotch as if it's even remotely the same thing. 

Pushing a baby out of your vagina for upwards of 24 hours, or even more, is not the same as lying on the ground, holding your junk for 8 minutes. 

Well, now there are some men in the world who know what it feels like.


"The Try Guys" underwent electric stimulation of labor: that means they had electrodes attached to their abdomen to make their muscles contract and simulate the pains of labor.

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"How painful can this be?" asked one of the guys before getting hooked up to the electrodes. What a stupid thing to say, as he was just shown how painful it could be.


Answer: the most painful thing they've ever experienced. 

The men started screaming in pain as the simulations slowly increased to mild. Yes, mild. Imagine if women had that option when giving birth.

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By the time they got to levels 4 and 5 (horrible and unbearable), they were screaming for an epidural to make it stop.

The men couldn't withstand the pain. What a lovely sentence. Some women don't even get the chance to make it to a hospital before they give birth, when it happens, it's going to happen. And it might even happen with a giant baby.

The best line? "I love my mom. I'm sorry I did this to her ... I don't care who you are. Your mom is tougher than you."



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You were brought into this world by a strong woman who endured pain — excruciating pain — so you could live, and then proceed to make a video about how shocked you were that it hurt that much.

Luckily, there are some things that women can take that would ease the pain. But for centuries, women gave birth without any meds and even with half a dozen or more children.


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Just think about that the next time you want to call a woman weak or tell her what to do with her body, and if you keep insisting on telling women what they have to do with their bodies, then it has to be a requirement for all men to go through this simulation.

Estee Kahn is a love and entertainment writer for Yourtango.