10 Ways Giving Birth Is SO Not Like The Movies

newborn baby

If your expectations for your new baby's arrival into the world are based on the big (or small) screen, prepare for disappointment . . . or to give thanks, depending on how you look at it. Those high-speed car chases and women cursing out their partners during delivery could be the polar opposite of your delivery-room reality. Here are 10 instances where creative license is commonly taken, for better or for worse!

1. You won't go from first contraction to pushing the baby out in a span of 30 seconds.

In fact, it could be 30 hours. Or more. Sit back, and, er, enjoy the ride!

2. Your ride to the hospital will probably not be a high-speed car chase.

Pretty much every childbirth scene in movies or on TV involves a high-drama rush to the delivery room. Not always so. Every now and again, you will hear of a high-drama real-life situation (and sometimes it's even captured on film!). But for the most part, your doctor will have you head to the hospital with plenty of time to spare.

3. You won't necessarily turn into a raging lunatic.

Even in those final days of pregnancy, we're willing to bet that you'll make it to the bathroom in time, be able to have coherent conversations, and maybe even be a productive member of society.

4. Your water probably won't break like this.

In fact, it may not break at all. Just 14 percent of women report their water breaking prelabor, so don't assume that it's definitely going to happen to you!

5. It won't all be high action.

The entire process of labor — especially with baby No. 1 — takes a whole lot longer than television and the movies would have you believe. There's likely to be a significant amount of downtime, and hopefully it'll come early on so that you won't be in too much pain.

6. The baby's here, but you're not done just yet...

Nope! Remember that placenta? It wants out too. Surprise!

7. Your first look at your new baby may not be picture perfect.

If you think you've had a long day, imagine what the journey through the birth canal must have felt like for your tiny new person. They're going to be covered in blood, their heads may be cone shaped . . . But you're still going to be madly in love. We promise.

8. Cursing out your partner is not a prerequisite.

Not every woman associates the pain of childbirth with the person who impregnated her. In fact, I've never heard of anyone in real life doing this.

9. Nursing your baby for the first time will probably not be a beautiful moment of bonding.

It'll probably really, really hurt.

10. You won't instantly feel fabulous just because you're no longer pregnant.

On the contrary, the recovery from even the smoothest of deliveries is somewhat intense. You may have stitches, you'll definitely be sore, and you'll definitely be exhausted.

This article was originally published at PopSugar Moms. Reprinted with permission from the author.