Teacher Refuses To Retire After Her 'Entitled' Daughter-In-Law Demands A Different Teacher After Learning Her Son Will Be In Her Class

She is the only teacher in the school who teaches kindergarten.

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A private school teacher was stunned to learn that her grandson would be enrolled in her kindergarten class — and was even more shocked when her daughter-in-law demanded that she retire.

The teacher and her daughter-in-law do not mesh well together, and instead of enrolling her child in a different school to avoid further conflict, the daughter-in-law insisted that the teacher give up her job instead.


Now, the teacher is unsure if she handled the situation appropriately after her son asked her to apologize to his wife.

The teacher’s daughter-in-law demanded that she retire after learning that her son would be in her class.

Sharing her story to the subreddit rAITA, the teacher revealed that she has been working at a private school in her area for 13 years and plans to retire within the next five years.

Since the school is small, she is the only kindergarten teacher. “The school plans to expand, but right now, it is small. So I teach all of them,” she explained.

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The teacher learned that her grandson Ryan, who is starting kindergarten in the fall, was enrolled in the private school by her daughter-in-law, Jenny, and that he would be in her class. 

This came as a shock, considering that she and Jenny do not have the best relationship.

“Jenny and I do not get along. We avoid each other at family events and just try to be civil,” she shared.  “I find her to be extremely entitled, and I am sure she has plenty to say about me.”

When Jenny discovered that her son would be taught by her mother-in-law, she demanded that she either switch positions or retire early so that Ryan would have a different teacher.

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“I told her no, and this started an argument,” the teacher wrote.  “She doesn’t want me to teach Ryan, and I told her to suck it up or not go to the school.”

The woman’s daughter-in-law called her a “jerk,” and now the woman’s son, who is married to Jenny, is demanding his mother to apologize to his wife.

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Commenters said that the teacher’s daughter-in-law should enroll her son in a different school instead of insisting that she give up her job.

“She applied to the school knowing there was one class and that you were the teacher? Now, she’s trying to manipulate you into doing what she wants, regardless of what you want. That’s a [expletive] no from me,” one Redditor commented.

“Unless the Men in Black rolled past and did the light trick on her, she knew it was your school. She can suck it up and he can go, or she can suck it up and pick another school,” another user wrote.

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“They can't send their kid to a public school and dictate which teacher their child gets, even less so with a private school. They both knew before applying to the school that you were the only kindergarten teacher. They have no right to demand you to step aside just because they don't want you teaching their child,” another user noted. 

While the teacher may be the only one who teaches kindergarten at the particular private school, luckily for her daughter-in-law, there are other schools she can choose to enroll her son in.

No one should be forced into early retirement simply because of an entitled parent.

If the woman’s daughter-in-law truly has an issue with her son being taught by her, she is the one who needs to consider other options and look into different schools for her son.


And if the little boy has inherited any of his mother’s traits, he will sure be a hassle to teach!

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