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Study Finds These States Are Home To The Most Spoiled Dogs In America

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Our pets are more than just animals who we share a home with. They’re our best friends and furbabies, emotional support snugglers and keepers of our daily routines. 

In the United States, 44.6% of households own a dog. That means that 62 million households know the sweet joy of wagging tails, wet noses, and unconditional love. 

Devoted dog owners know what it takes to keep their canine besties happy, and people across the country are treating them like true royalty.

A study revealed the 5 states that are home to the most spoiled dogs in America:

1. Florida

At the top of the list is Florida, home to orange groves, crystal blue beaches and America’s most spoiled puppy population. According to a nationwide survey conducted by Forbes Advisor, Florida scored 100 out of 100 in a state-by-state ranking for spoiled dogs.

In the Sunshine State, 66.5% of dog owners spend more money on their dog’s health and grooming than they do on their own wellness regimen. 



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This could mean routine spa days for their doggos, with a luxurious fur blow-out and mani/pedi combination. These dogs also smell their best: 34% of owners spray their beloved beasts with puppy perfume.

Florida dogs are not only well-cared for, they’re known to ride in style, as 43.5% of their humans reported pushing them around in a stroller. If the secret to feeling your best is by looking your best, then Florida’s dogs are truly living their best lives.

Florida dog owners don’t only pamper their pups on normal days, they do so on special occasions, too. 54% throw birthday parties or other celebrations for their dogs on a regular basis. 

These parties are the place to see and be seen and enjoy some gourmet snacks. 69% of dog owners report making homemade dog food or treats.

2. Alaska

The Land of the Midnight Sun is also the land of indulged pups. More than half of dog owners in Alaska reported spending more money on their dog’s grooming than their own, but the pampering doesn’t stop there — 49% of Alaskan dog owners throw them parties, 62% have bought their dog's outfits or accessories and 54% have gone to a restaurant and ordered their dog something special to eat.

Alaska’s pup lovers don’t only shower their canine companions with material goods, they also show their love by spending quality time together. 

These States Are Home To The Most Spoiled Dogs In AmericaPhoto: Bekka Mongeau / Pexels 

53% take their pups to dog-friendly activities to ensure that they have a fulfilling social life, complete with dog friends and dog hobbies.

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3. Washington

This state in the Pacific Northwest is known for its evergreen forests and for the fact that 61% of dog owners bring their dogs along with them on vacation. 

They’re also the most likely population in the U.S. to throw a puppy birthday bash, as 71.5% of Washington dog owners reported getting down with their dogs, and 73% reported cooking up homemade delicacies for their doggos. 



62% have brought their furbaby an actual doggie bag from a restaurant. 63% dress their dogs in style, with canine clothes and accessories.

Washington is the state with the second highest percentage of people spending more on their dog’s beauty routine than their own, at 66%.

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4. Colorado

Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains and to 50% of dog owners who spend more money on their dog’s health and wellness than they do on their own. 

These States Are Home To The Most Spoiled Dogs In AmericaPhoto: Valeria Boltaneva / Pexels 

51% will get their dog a tasty treat to eat when they go out. 50.5% bring their dogs to dog-friendly activities.

5. California

Calling all doggie stars! Dogs in California don’t have to worry about overexerting themselves, because their dog parents rank number one for most likely to push them around in a stroller. 47% of dog owners reported carting their dogs while out and about, ensuring their paws stay perfectly soft.

61.5% of Californians spend more money on their dog’s upkeep than their own while 66% spend time in the kitchen whipping up something yummy for their furbaby to devour.

The best way to spoil your dog is with love.

If you’re not cooking your dog gourmet meals or spritzing them with cologne, don’t worry — what your dog needs most is you. So, stop what you’re doing and give your very good dog a proper belly rub. It’ll make them feel like a million bucks. 

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