People Praise A Mom Who Dropped Her Kids Off At CPS — ‘Dads Walk Away All The Time’

She wanted to focus on getting through school and getting better mentally.

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A mother’s decision to relinquish custody of her children and drop them off with Child Protective Services (CPS) has left many people debating whether or not she made the right decision.

According to the tearful mother, she did not have the means to take care of her children and had no family to help her.

The mother dropped off her kids with CPS since she felt that she could no longer take care of them.

The mother, who goes by the name Amora Lex on social media, documented the heartbreaking interaction she had with a counselor at CPS after dropping off her children with them.


In a now-deleted video on Facebook that was later uploaded to TikTok, Lex, a nursing student preparing to take her NCLEX exam to become a licensed registered nurse, believed that her decision was best for her children, as she did not have the time or means to take care of them and had no help from their fathers or family.

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In a video clip taken at the firehouse before the children were transported to CPS, Lex asked any of their fathers’ family members if they “want them” before custody fell into the hands of CPS.

While speaking to a CPS counselor, Lex asked if she would still be able to drop off clothes and toys for her children once they were surrendered. “This is for the better,” she said to the counselor as tears streamed down her face. “I need to focus on my schooling and my health so I don’t die, cause I can’t do nothing for them [if] I’m dead.” 

Lex said the decision was not an easy one, but she wanted to get through school and overcome her mental health struggles before raising children.

The children were waiting in a separate room while their mother was speaking with the counselor. Lex said that she already assured the children that they were “perfect” and that they did nothing wrong.

The counselor also said that she would be speaking with the children as well.


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“If the dads didn’t [expletive] care, why do I gotta care?” she said as she left the building while simultaneously promising that one day she would get her children back.

Quite some time has passed since Lex gave up custody of her children, and she has yet to get them back.

Before deleting her social media accounts for good, Amora shared a Facebook post that read, “I just wanna clock in and get some money then go shake some [expletive] in someone club and get some more then flip that into more money!”


People did not hesitate to flock to the comments section and bash her for being a “bad mother,” which may have prompted her decision to delete her social media accounts.

While people on the Internet tend to judge and make assumptions based on what they can only see from an outside perspective, those who believe that Amora is a bad mother fail to recognize the value of her decision. 

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A 'bad mother' would not be able to recognize the fact that she needs help and that she is not the most suitable person to take care of her children.

“She did the right thing! She knew she was reaching a breaking point,” one TikTok user commented.


“I commend her for taking this step,” another user wrote.

“Let’s not bash her for this decision!!” another user urged. “So many people choose otherwise.”

Others could not help but note that when most fathers walk away from their children or refuse to care for them, no one bats an eye. “Dads walk away, and no one bats an eye… but momma is tired and at her wit's end yet is demonized for simply caving under the pressure. Are moms not allowed to be human?” one user commented.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 18.3 million children across America live without a father present in the home. Some of them see their fathers on rare occasions while some have never even met them.


Yet, someone when a mother who is the sole provider asks for help or admits that she is overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities of parenting, she is not nearly given the same amount of grace uninvolved fathers are given.

Others pointed out the fact that some mothers refuse to ask for help or admit that their children deserve someone who will give them the care they need and that disastrous tragedies can occur as a result.

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Had mothers like Casey Anthony, Lindsay Clancy, Andrea Yates, and Susan Smith made the same choice as Amora, their children would most likely still be alive today.


It is extremely difficult as a mother to come forward and admit that you may not be what is best for your own children, but it may be one of the most selfless things you can ever do for them as a parent.

When you become a parent, you take on a promise to love, nurture, and protect your children in any way you can, and sometimes that means separating them from you and placing them with people who can do so.

It is clear that Lex was struggling as a mother, and she did right by her children, ensuring that they would be in a safer place while she healed.

A good mother does not have to be the one who spends her day making cookies for her children, participating in PTA meetings, buying clothes for them, and tucking them in each night.


A good mother is one who can put her children’s welfare above her own, even if it means that she cannot be the one to raise them for all of their lives.

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