Mom Filmed Abandoning Her Kids At Grandma's House Because She Has A New Boyfriend & He Doesn't Want Kids

She is ready to live a carefree life and travel with her new boyfriend.

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Not many jobs are scrutinized as much as mothering. Women are often expected to juggle a majority of the complexities of raising children, and though not easy, most manage to do so with a seemingly endless supply of patience and empathy. That's why viewers were so shocked when Dr. Farrah Grays shared a four-part video on TikTok of a woman named Angel abandoning her three children with their grandmother so she could dedicate herself to her new, younger boyfriend. 


When asked why she was dropping the kids off, Angel told her mother that she had met a younger guy who didn't want to deal with them. "We want to travel. We want to explore the world and I can't do that with kids," she explained.

The mother makes the startling decision to leave her kids to start a new life with her boyfriend.

"I'm tired of being a single parent," Angel told her mother, the exasperation evident in her voice. Her mom reminded her that having kids was her choice, thereby her responsibility. In response, the frustrated mom said, "It was not my plan to be a single parent."

It rarely is in the plans for anyone, but as her mother told her, that doesn't shift the responsibility to a grandparent. 




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When her mother suggested that Angel should have asked first, she said that she shouldn't have to ask her mother to take her kids and raise them — a stunning assertion. She asks her mother to respect her wishes to move on without kids. But the saddest part of this interaction is that all three children are within earshot.



Angel blamed her mother for her stress and depression, claiming that the woman had never taught her how to be a mom. 

Her mother explained her absence from Angel's childhood by saying that she was working to take care of her and her siblings, something many working moms can undoubtedly understand. The upset grandmother reiterated that raising her daughter's children was not her job. 


The argument continued in part three of the series, with both women expressing their right to freedom from caring for the kids. Angel insisted that her mom could do a much better job than she could. Undeterred, Grandma forces the kids back into the car with their mother, only for Angel to tell them to "get out" before speeding away.



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It is so easy to judge the mother for not wanting her kids, but we need to look deeper into the issue. 

The fact of the matter is that one out of five single parents deal with depression and only a small percentage of those that do seek professional help. Single moms are also much more prone to mood disorders than those who are married. So, this is more about Angel's mental health and her ability to create a safe environment for her kids. In her current state, she truly believes that her kids are the source of her problems.


With that said, the biggest concern is the children. Imagine the trauma they'll carry after hearing two women who claim to love them say they don't want them. Without a father's support, this only serves to make them feel more unwanted. And grandma uploading it for the world to see did them no favors. This family, especially the mother and kids, needs support, not condemnation. Hopefully, Angel sees the error in her ways, returns to her mother's house and apologizes to those three innocent babies. Only then can she take effective steps to get help from her community.

As for the new boyfriend who wants her but has no interest in her kids, it's up to Angel to let him know that the four of them are a "package deal," and if he doesn't accept her children, he can move on. But for me, that conversation wouldn't even be necessary because the moment he expressed disinterest in my kids would be the moment he was removed from my life. 

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