Mom Pays $110 For Festive Visit From The Grinch Only To Have Her House Destroyed

The Grinch really did steal Christmas.

the grinch and messy house Shutterstock / Facebook

Mother of two Laura Magill thought it would be a fun and festive night when she paid $110 for the Dr. Suess character the Grinch to come and visit. Instead, she was left with an absolute mess to clean up when the Grinch did what the Grinch does best — ruined Christmas!

The British mom took to Facebook to share her destructive visit from the Grinch. 

“So paid £85 for a grinch visit," Magill wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post. "Advertises to come in mess with the kids bed have pillow fights put toilet roll around your Christmas tree and pictures with the kids at the end."


She explained what was supposed to happen, but stressed that she made the Grinch leave before photos could even be taken. Then Magill explained what actually happened — a complete disaster!

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"Every single bit of party food expensive cupcakes threw all over the place tree decorations BROKE !!! Fairy up liquid poured on my kitchen floor eggs smashed and a full bottle of juice poured over my floor and SON !!! Kids new onise ruined Highly highly DO NOT recommend… mailed and complained no reply grinch defo came stole Christmas never been so disgusted in my life !!!” Magill wrote in her post, via DailyMail.

She showed photos of the display of Christmas snacks and desserts she has made which included cupcakes, cookies, candy, drinks and more. The second image shows the snacks completely ripped apart on the floor with an empty tray in the living room. Magill’s son can be seen covered in red and green slop from his head to his bear onesie. However, he looks like he loved every minute of it. 

People were quick to judge the mom.

A lot of people on Twitter were critical of the kids' names they saw on the cupcakes. One user said, “To be fair, if these are the names of your kids you deserve it.” 

Similarly, another user wrote, “There are kids running around that house named Button and Kreed, my money this havoc was caused by Button or Kreed.”  


People were also quick to judge why someone would pay money for someone to come and mess up the house and then get upset when it goes too far. Many were questioning Magill as to how she let this man do this with her kids without intervening before it was too late. 

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Someone was able to screenshot the comments before Magill deleted the post, which captured one commenter on Magill's post's interesting response to the situation. 

"So you invited and paid for someone to come to your house to wreck it and are unhappy with the dedication and care he showed to his craft?" the person asked.


The company responded to their Grinch's actions. 

Santa Stop Here Belfast, the company behind the event, told DailyMail that the mom's sister, who was the one who hired them, was told in advance what would occur during the visit.

"We’ve done 30 visits this year with no complaints," they told DailyMail. "Our grinch is loving the attention- we’ve had hundreds of booking enquiries today. The grinch also knew them personally - but hasn’t told them who was below the mask yet!”

It seems Laura's sister may be the real information-withholding Grinch in this situation.


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