Mom Who Spent $330 Filling Her 8-Year-Old’s Easter Basket With Lululemon & A Stanley Cup Blamed For Creating Unrealistic Expectations

Other moms argued that an 8-year-old shouldn't need such lavish gifts.

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A mom is facing serious backlash after revealing the gifts that she bought for her daughter's Easter basket.

In a TikTok video, a mom named Ren Rose shared that she'd decided to surprise her daughter with some items she'd wanted, along with a few extra bits and bobs for Easter. However, several other moms pointed out that it's incredibly impractical for a young child to be given a slew of expensive gifts when they don't even need them.


She was accused of setting unrealistic expectations by spending $330 filling up her 8-year-old's Easter basket.

In Ren Rose's video, she added various items to her daughter's Easter basket, including a brand-new Stanley Cup, a Lululemon wristlet, a pack of scrunchies, and body care essentials — including lotions and perfumes.d The 8-year-old girl's mother also included some snacks, lip balm, and various kinds of candies.



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She explained that her daughter had asked for a Stanley Cup for her birthday in August, but she decided to surprise her with it when she got her Easter basket. In total, she spent around $330 on all of the gifts.

Despite Ren Rose's well-intentioned video showing what she was putting in her child's Easter basket, not many people were impressed by the amount of money spent.

In a video response, another mother named Beth accused Ren Rose of creating "unrealistic expectations" for other little children. "Usually, I'm a 'you-do-you' type of person and don't judge, but in this situation, I'm judging," she said.



Beth claimed that Ren Rose's daughter was only 8 and definitely didn't need half of the things in her Easter basket. Having a 7-year-old daughter, Beth insisted that she could never imagine spending that much money and getting all those things at that age.


She pointed out that her opinion might cause a bit of controversy in the comments, as some might disagree and find no issue with Ren Rose's Easter basket. Still, in her opinion, it was inappropriate. "This is a little too much for me," Beth admitted. 

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Another mom agreed with Beth's assessment that Ren Rose's Easter basket was too much for an 8-year-old.

In a TikTok video, a content creator and mom named Amanda Player reacted to Ren Rose's Easter basket reveal. She agreed with Beth's opinion — no child that young should be receiving expensive gifts in their basket. Amanda pointed out that as a grown adult, she would have loved to receive even half of the things in the 8-year-old's basket.



To compare, Player said her kids' Easter baskets were filled with items from Dollar Tree.


Holidays look different for every family, so it's best to focus on the joy of being together rather than comparing.

It's understandable why people would be up in arms about Ren Rose's extravagant Easter basket for her daughter. Such lavish displays raise concerns about the impact on children's perceptions of value and entitlement. Perhaps the real issue isn't that she bought the little girl expensive gifts but that she shared those gifts on social media.

However, Ren Rose clearly wanted to make her daughter's Easter special, and she is entitled to do that. Not every family will have the same traditions or agree on what gifts are appropriate for children, but at the end of the day, what matters most is the bond between Ren Rose and her daughter and the joy they share in celebrating Easter together in their own unique way.

Woman Says Mom Who Spent $330 On Daughter's Easter Basket Is Creating Unrealistic ExpectationsPhoto: Yuganov Konstantin / Canva Pro


It's the love and compassion behind a gift that counts, not the cost. Ren Rose made sure to gift her daughter things that she knew would bring the little girl joy and happiness, showing the deep bond and care she has for her.

No parent should feel obligated to spend what they can't afford on gifts for their kids. As long as gifts are given with genuine love, it shouldn't ever matter.

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