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Stressed Mom Gives Her Parents A 2-Star Review Claiming It's Not 'Vacation' If She Has To Hold Her Own Kids

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A mother sparked a conversation around the expectation that grandparents should help out with their grandchildren so parents can get a bit of a break.

In a video, mom of two Nale Lewis jokingly shared that she was demoting her "favorite Airbnb," otherwise known as her parent's house, from five stars to just two because her parents weren't doing enough.

She gave her parents a 2-star review claiming it's not 'vacation' if she has to hold her own kids.

"So, I checked back into my favorite Airbnb last night, aka my parent's house," Lewis started her video. "I'm staying two nights. Free food, free drinks, free childcare." 

The content creator is a mom of two children under the age of 2 and was holding her youngest daughter during her rant. She claimed that while she usually gives her parents five stars for their hospitality, she felt compelled to lower her rating.

"I shouldn't have to hold her right now because I'm on vacation," Lewis joked. "Today, they are getting a rating of two. I do have breakfast on the way, which is great, but I should not have to hold her at this time." 



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Lewis added that her mother had just finished changing her son's diaper, but it was still unacceptable that she had to hold her daughter.

Just as Lewis finished giving her rating, her mother walked by to take her granddaughter so that she could feed her. The hilarious interaction didn't stop there, with Lewis' mother asking Lewis if there was already a bottle made, to which Lewis emphasized her point that she was on vacation and shouldn't have to worry about that. 

Many parents are unable to afford childcare and rely on family members to help care for their kids.

While Lewis' video was meant to be humorous, the appeal of getting free childcare from her parents isn't lost on the many other parents in this country who rely on their village to help out whenever they can. Affordable childcare in the United States is a divisive topic and one of the many aspects of American life that feel incredibly broken and outdated.

Mom Gives Her Parents A 2-Star Review Claiming It's Not Vacation If She Has To Hold Her Own KidsPhoto: David Pereiras / Shutterstock

According to the Pew Research Center, 20 percent of those who needed child care said they haven’t always had enough money to pay for it. About one in five parents who work at least part-time said they would be extremely or very worried about losing pay if they needed to take a day or two off work because of childcare issues, and 9 percent said they’d be equally worried about losing their job.

"If you look at child care, it was a field that was on shaky economic ground before COVID," Rhian Evans Allvin, chief executive officer of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, told CBS News. "Supply and demand rarely meet. It's also expensive to run a child care center and expensive for families to access child care."

It's why so many parents look to their own parents for guidance and help. In a TikTok video, mom of four and content creator Paige Turner spoke on the advantage that families who have access to childcare through grandparents or other family members have.

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Turner explained that families who can have childcare through grandparents have an affordable alternative to paying money for daycares and nannies

"Women are leaving the workforce at a rapid pace because they can't afford to pay for childcare," Turner observed. "Those that are paying for it are taking a massive hit for now because they see the benefits of a long-term career."

Of course, grandparents shouldn't be expected to provide free childcare, and that all boils down to a conversation within families to figure out what works best for them. However, it's important to acknowledge the absolute privilege that people such as Lewis have. The ability to go to their parent's house and have someone to watch their children while they catch up on sleep, energy, and whatever else should not be understated. 

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