Mom Of 6 Who ‘Gave Up Her Entire Life’ For Her Kids Did Not Even Get A Card From Any Of Them On Mother’s Day

After devoting her life to her kids, she couldn't believe what she was left with.

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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the mothers and mother figures in our lives. Unfortunately, some people neglect the significance of the day. 

One woman found that her children missed the point of Mother’s Day entirely and was left in tears because of it.

A mother did not hear from any of her six children on Mother’s Day.

One woman on TikTok, known as @spicymayo246, made a heartbreaking video detailing her children’s lack of involvement on Mother’s Day.


“I’m sitting in my car crying on Mother’s Day,” she said, while she indeed had tears streaming down her face. “I can’t even get myself together to go inside and get a [expletive] smoothie.”

@spicymayo246 6 kids and not 1 card but its okay ill go pick my own flowers 💐#mothersday #wompwomp ♬ what was I made for? - Instrumental - Wheeler

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She continued, “As somebody who gave up their entire life, [who] just felt like the best, most rewarding thing I could possibly do with myself is not to continue my career, not to continue my personal development, professionally speaking.”

The woman continued crying and wiping her eyes as she said, “No, I should quit everything and just focus on my [expletive] kids, and somebody else’s kids, because they need love, and they need a mother, and they need this, and that’s going to be so [expletive] rewarding.”

“And today, on Mother’s Day, of all days, you would think that would be the day where you would get the glow of that, all that effort,” she argued.

The video then cut to a clip of this mom standing in front of a lake. “So, where have I ended up on Mother’s Day? By myself, because my kids are disappointing?” she asked. “Duh.”


In the caption of the video, the woman wrote, “Six kids and not one card.”

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This mom was far from alone in feeling this way.

While we would all probably hope that feeling so lonely and unappreciated on Mother’s Day is the exception and not the rule for moms, that isn’t necessarily true. This mom’s comment section turned into something of a therapy session for moms who felt forgotten and left out.


“I have spent the entire day crying,” one fellow mom said. “I’ve never felt this broken. My husband didn’t even speak the words 'Happy Mother’s Day’ to me or help our four kids in doing anything for me. Not one simple thing.”

@spicymayo246 UPDATE- Storytimes starting today!!! 🎦🎦🎦🎦 #mothersdayfeels #context #itsalot ♬ original sound - Spicy Mayo

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“Being a mom is the most thankless job,” said another. “I know it’s rewarding, but so many sacrifices and time spent making sure they have the best, but no one takes care of us.”


A third mom shared her heartbreaking reality as well. “I was deserted by my first husband while pregnant and with two babies, two and three. Gave them everything I could their whole lives. All adults now, and not even a card. It does hurt,” she shared.

Other moms have expressed similar sentiments.

These feelings extend far beyond TikTok. In an essay for USA Today, Emilee Coblentz wrote about feeling alone on Mother’s Day, largely due to single parenthood.

“Most of my 14 years of motherhood felt like Mother’s Day was spent alone, including some of the years I was married,” she said.

“When the flowers don’t come, when there are no ‘thank yous,’ when there is no one posting our picture, I want us to remember where our gift truly lies,” she explained.


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She continued, “Maybe there were once flowers waiting for you. Maybe there were never flowers at all. You may find crumpled-up Mother’s Day art in your kids’ backpack today, but they may not recognize that there should be anything to celebrate.”

It’s obvious that this is not an isolated phenomenon — women really aren’t being celebrated on Mother’s Day as they should be. If anything, this is proof that we must strive to do better as a society to ensure those worthy of celebration receive it and teach children to do the same.


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