Man Says His Mother Ruined His $9,000 Gender Reveal Party

He feels his mother deliberately tried to ruin his gender reveal party because of a dispute that happened.

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A man named Wesley Nysm admitted that he and his wife are at odds over what to do about his mother after she ruined a special event that was quite costly.

In a TikTok video, Nysm revealed that he and his wife, Candace, are expecting their third baby and wanted to celebrate the new arrival with friends and family by throwing a party where the gender would be revealed. However, things quickly turned sour thanks to Nysm's mother.


He revealed how his mother ruined his $9,000 gender reveal party.

Nysm explained that when he and Candace had their twin babies a few years ago, due to money problems, they were unable to do anything extravagant or fun with their family and friends to celebrate their journey into parenthood. Nysm admitted that he always regretted not being able to afford it, and so this time around, he decided to change that.

"We're not millionaires or anything, but I saved up money for a few months and I wanted to throw the best mom in the world the most fun gender reveal she could possibly have," Nysm said. "This wasn't some huge surprise, Candace knew how much money I was saving when I wanted to have it saved by, and she wanted to plan the gender reveal."




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Since he and Candace live in Oklahoma, they decided to have the party there since most of his family and their friends lived in the state. Candace's family lived in Pennsylvania, so not all of them could attend. Among the people invited, Nysm texted his mother to let her know about the gender reveal.

His mother eventually reached out to Candace and asked if she could help plan it, but Nysm's wife said her mother and sister were already helping. Nysm predicted that this must have been where his mother got offended. Candace told Nysm's mother that even though she didn't need help planning, she was still more than welcome to attend the gender reveal.


Nysm's mother questioned if she would be getting paid to attend the party.

Candace was confused about why Nysm's mother was asking to get paid, and the conversation escalated to the point where Candace ended up in tears. She explained to him that his mother just cussed her out over the gender reveal.

Upset at his mother, Nysm immediately called her and said that not only was she never allowed to speak to his wife like that, but her invitation to the gender reveal was promptly revoked, before hanging up and blocking her number so she couldn't reach back out to him until the gender reveal party was done. Afterward, he claimed that he would unblock and speak to her again.

"My mom would text me over and over on my phone," he continued. His mother would plead to be invited and that she was sorry about the earlier altercation with his wife. However, Nysm stood firm on his decision and simply rebutted that while he appreciated her apology, she'd crossed a line.

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He ended up inviting his mother to come to the party.

On the day of the gender reveal, while at the venue, his wife came up to him and insisted that he invite his mother despite how she'd acted towards her. Listening to Candace, Nysm quickly shot his mother a text letting her know that in 25 minutes they were doing the reveal, if she still wanted to come.

"Now this is where stuff gets so weird," Nysm said. "25 minutes passed and my mom is nowhere to be found. She only lives about 7, maybe 10, minutes away." Despite his mother not showing up, Nysm refused to wait for her before doing the countdown and shooting off the hand cannons.

Man Says His Mother Ruined His $9,000 Gender Reveal PartyPhoto: Dean Drobot / Canva Pro


Eventually, the countdown started with no sign of Nysm's mother, but as they reached 13 seconds, the fire alarm suddenly went off.

Not just the fire alarms, but all the lights turned off and the sprinklers started up, spraying water on all of the guests.

Since everyone assumed that there was an actual fire, they all ran outside of the hotel. The fire department eventually showed up and Nysm suddenly looked over and saw his mother sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette. Turning to his wife, they both inquired whether or not it had been his mother who had set off the fire alarm by smoking inside the building.

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They walked over to ask her, but she denied it, saying she just got there and had been smoking outside. Upon further inspection though, Nysm noticed that her pants were soaked, which meant she was inside the building and was lying about smoking to set off the fire alarm.


"Candace thinks that she set the fire alarm off. I don't know because my mom says she doesn't think she did. If I had to guess, it does seem logical, especially considering the text she sent beforehand and the fact that we've been ghosting her for two months."

The main issue that Nysm had with his mother's interference was that she'd disrupted a party that cost $9,000.

Over the last couple of years, gender reveal parties have become quite popular, with many expecting couples going above and beyond to announce the gender of their baby.

However, it doesn't have to be an extravagant event in the first place.

On average, parents can expect to spend around $20,000 to $50,000 on their baby's first year of life. While it's one of the most rewarding journeys that a person can embark on, it's costly. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars to have a gender reveal party, that money could've been used to save up so that those steep costs don't come as a shock.


Man Says His Mother Ruined His $9,000 Gender Reveal PartyPhoto: Kzara Visual / Canva Pro

Parents shouldn't feel the need to be extravagant in each step of pregnancy or feel the need to throw lavish parties for the sake of their unborn child, but it's certainly their prerogative should they choose to. Barring personal feelings about the expenses and the parties themselves, no couple deserves to have their special day ruined over family drama, however.  

While it's unclear if this mom truly had a hand in the soaked celebration, signs certainly seem to point to her as the culprit. Even if she didn't cause the scene, her behavior before the event was enough to cause tension. If this couple wants to salvage a relationship with grandma-to-be, they are going to have to sit down and have a serious conversation about boundaries, and if that doesn't work, it might be wise to take some time apart.


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