Man Interviews His Wife To Find Out If She's Going To Be A 'Chill Mom' Or A 'Strict Mom'

It's important to get an idea of what your partner would like to be as a parent.

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Roger and Talia Scott are a married couple from Nashville, Tennessee, with an immense following on TikTok (over 5.7 million followers). Recently, Roger interviewed Talia to find out how she would parent their future children.

Parenting is often regarded as one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and seeing as the two of them are planning to take that step, it’s important to be on the same page with how you would deal with the trouble your future kids will get up to.


Roger interviewed his wife to find out if she would be a ‘chill mom’ or a ‘strict mom.’

“Are you going to be a strict mom or a chill mom?” Roger asks her. Right off the bat, Talia admits that while she would like to be a chill mom, she thinks she might actually end up being a strict mom.

“What would you do if our kid got a C or lower in class?” he asks for his first scenario. “Cs get degrees?” she says, bursting out into laughter as her husband did not expect her answer. “I mean, like, you could do better, but it’s fine,” she explains.



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That’s a shocking development since most people would not consider that strict at all. However, she loses all credibility as the “chill mom” with the answer to the next question, which is: “They snuck out and went to a party and you found out the next morning. How do you feel about it?”

“I would honestly just be upset that they didn’t tell me about it,” she says, which is a pretty “chill mom” way to think. Except, she follows up by saying, “Not that I would let them [if they did].” She laughs, and he starts to ask whether or not she’d let them if they told her about it.

“No, it depends, it depends. I would want to know why, when the party is…” she starts listing off before Roger ponders, “What do you mean why? They went to have fun.”

She tries to explain, and basically implies, that there must be an occasion or something to celebrate. “You’re for sure not letting them go, okay next question,” Roger says before Talia bursts into laughter once again.


Talia starts to show exactly why she would end up being a strict parent.

Her answers were a pretty soft start considering what her answers to some of the next questions are, really exemplifying why she thinks she would be a strict mom.

man interviews wife to see if she'll be a strict or chill parentPhoto: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

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Next, Roger asks her what she would do if their kid skipped class without telling either of them and they found out from the principal.

“You know, this happened to me and my parents grounded me the entire summer. Honestly, it was horrible and I never did it again, so I would do that,” she explains.

While this might have worked on her, there have been countless studies and research done to prove that punishing your children (in this case, grounding specifically) doesn’t work to actually change or alter any behavior. It doesn’t teach anything. Despite that, she still opts to take the approach her parents took, even after admitting it was horrible.

“They turned off their location,” Roger says — no question, nothing. But she doesn’t even need a question; it’s a big no-no in her book. “Nope, no. They won’t. They’ll be too afraid of me to do that,” she says before she starts laughing. Once she dials back her laughter, however, she continues, adding, “No, I’m serious. I was way more scared of my mom than my dad growing up and I can channel that energy, I feel like, real quick.”


“Your daughter snuck a boy in and you found out from the Ring camera,” he explains the next scenario. “She’s done. She’s not going outside anymore,” she says. “No honestly, if she did that, I would be so disappointed… not that I didn’t do that.”

By the end of the questioning, it seems like there are a lot of things that she did when she was younger, that she would not let her kids do. “I think you’re gonna be strict, and I think you’re going to monitor them like crazy,” Roger tells her, to which she admits, “Yeah, probably.”

However, she does compromise, saying that since she was raised super strict and her husband was raised “super chill,” they could meet in the middle with their kids.

man interviews wife to see if she'll be a strict or chill parentPhoto: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels


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The reality is that parenting is almost never what you expect it to be.

Parenting is hard, one of the most difficult tasks that anyone could ever do. Everyone likes to think that they’ll raise their future kids (if they want any) in a certain way or differently than their parents raised them, but until you get to that day where you can call yourself a parent, you don’t really know for sure.

A Pew Research Center survey from January 2023 actually revealed that roughly as many U.S. parents say they are raising their children similarly to how they were raised (43%) as they are trying to take a different approach (44%).


Areas in which parents were most likely to raise their children differently were in love and relationships. Forty-four percent of parents said they would handle love and relationships differently with their kids compared to 16% who said they’d parent similar to their own.

On the other hand, a majority of parents said that they would instill their children with the same values and beliefs as their parents did with them (63%).

In a separate Pew Research Center survey from January 2023, most parents admitted that being a parent has been at least somewhat harder than they expected (62%), with a quarter (26%) saying its been a lot harder.

The truth is, no one really knows what they’re going to be like as parents. It’s good to start thinking about how you would want to be, but once you’re really in it, you’ll find yourself winging it more often than not.


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