Man Defends Dad Who Was Criticized For Singing Along With His Daughter At A Taylor Swift Concert

One man who was heavily criticized for singing along with his daughter at a Taylor Swift concert found support in fellow fathers.

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Too often, men are criticized for just doing what they can to be good fathers. 

This happened to one dad who took his daughter to a Taylor Swift concert and sang along with her. The man was ruthlessly attacked by a podcaster who didn’t see the merit in such behavior. 

One podcaster attacked a father who took his daughter to a Taylor Swift concert.

Jake Chocholous, host of "Man Up Daily," recorded a TikTok in which he featured a video of a man who took his daughter to see Taylor Swift. In the video, the dad can be seen animatedly singing along to Swift’s hit “Cruel Summer” with his daughter, who looks like she’s having the time of her life.




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Chocholous didn’t see this as a positive thing. Although the original video he posted has since been deleted, it is still available to watch, thanks to people who stitched it into their own videos.


The host acknowledged that he was now “taking on Swiftie nation” but didn’t seem to care. “I would say that any dad that takes their daughter to a Taylor Swift concert is not the kind of dad I want raising my kid,” Chocholous stated.

“Why are we surprised that in 2024, people without hesitation will pay $3,500 a ticket, singing trash songs, where almost every single one is dedicated to promoting narcissistic behavior, promoting unstable relationships, and teaching young ladies exactly how you don’t want to act as a woman?” he asked.

Several TikTokers came to the dad’s defense.

While Chocholous was initially the one criticizing, the tables quickly turned. One video from Houston Astros baseball player Todd Kale went viral with 14,000 likes. Kale defended the dad from the video, who had taken his daughter to the concert.

“When did we start judging how other dads parent their kids?” he asked.




“All I see in this video,” he continued, “is a dad, a present dad, taking his daughters to a concert that they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

In response to Chocholous’ statements that Swift should not be supported because of her lifestyle and beliefs, such as her pro-choice stance and many ex-boyfriends, Kale said, “This might be a hot take, but I don’t care what you believe. If I like your music, I like your music.”

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Kale went further by using an example from his own life. “Taylor Swift sings about failed relationships,” he said. “I grew up listening to Eminem, and I’ve never beat a woman.”

Kale effectively illustrated the point that listening to music about a certain subject matter does not mean you will reflect that in your own life. Listening to Swift’s music does not mean you will go through a plethora of boyfriends, as Chocholous suggested.

Finally, Kale addressed the fact that Chocholous said, “That’s not the kind of dad I want raising my kid.”

“Okay, raise your own children then,” he responded.

Another TikTok user, known as @uglyman0617, shared similar sentiments.


“So you’re calling out a dad that is having fun at a concert with his daughters?” he asked. “You think it’s not manly enough to go to a Taylor Swift concert?”

“Dads that have no interest and don’t support their kids or what they like are not good dads,” he concluded.



The singing dad is showing his daughter how much he cares by becoming involved in something she loves.

By getting involved in something important to her, this amazing dad shows his daughter how much he cares about her and her interests. He created a magical night that his daughter will never forget. 


And besides, why should we judge people for what they enjoy? It’s nobody’s business but their own.

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