After Her Kid Noticed The Elf On The Shelf Forgot To Move One Night, A Mom 'Finds' Footage Of The Elf 'Flying' Across The Yard

Talk about a Christmas miracle!

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With Christmas approaching, many families are looking forward to their usual holiday traditions such as picking out their Christmas tree, making gingerbread houses, and of course, the return of Elf on the Shelf. However, sometimes the traditions do not always go as planned. 

One mother shared her hilarious story about how her Elf on the Shelf failed to return to the North Pole, and what she had to do to reassure her daughter that the Christmas magic was still alive. 


The mother threw her Elf on the Shelf across the yard, which was captured by the Ring camera, after her daughter noticed that he had not moved the night before. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the holiday ritual, Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where scout elves are designated to a certain family home to keep an eye on childrens’ behavior in the days leading up to Christmas. 

When the children fall asleep, the elves report back to “Santa” about their naughty or nice status. In the morning, the elf returns, but he or she will be watching the children from a different part of the house than they were the previous day. If you haven’t cracked the code yet, the Elf on the Shelf can be bought at your local toy store and moved each night by parents


after her kid noticed the elf on the shelf forgot to move mom finds footage of elf flying across yardPhoto: Lisa Fotios from Pexels / Canva Pro

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The holidays can get busy, and sometimes, parents forget to move the sneaky elf! This becomes a problem when the first thing most kids do when they wake up is look for the elf's new location.


Lindsey (@singlemomsquared), who is the mother of a young girl, Allie, took to TikTok to reveal that's exactly what happened at their house one morning leaving Allie heartbroken.

That evening, Allie went to her grandparents’ house to spend the night. Wanting to keep the tradition alive and well for her daughter, Lindsey orchestrated a genius plan that would lead Allie to believe that her elf had gone back to the North Pole to report back to Santa after all. 



In a TikTok video that has garnered over 74,000 views, Lindsey shared a screenshot of a text message that she sent to Allie’s grandparents. “Show this to Allie. Tell her I found it from the footage last night,” the message read. 


The hilarious Ring camera video footage was captured outside Lindsey’s house where the elf was seen approaching the front door, opening and closing it. In the next frame, the elf looked like he was flying across the front yard thanks to Lindsey's genius plan.

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“This was right after!! Caught him flying around on camera!” she wrote to Allie’s grandparents in a follow-up message. 

Many people appreciated the mother’s dedicated and hilarious effort to keep the holiday magic alive for her daughter. 

“The ‘flying’ killed me,” one TikTok user commented. “The end had me cackling!” another user wrote. 




While most of us know that Santa Claus and elves are the stuff of fantasy, they make the holidays so magical for children. 

Christmas is a time when children experience a sense of wonder and magic. Believing in Santa Claus, reindeer, and the North Pole contributes to the innocence of childhood, allowing them to escape into a world of imagination. 


Even once they are all grown up and placing gifts under the tree for their own children, they will always remember the excitement that centered around this time of year that their parents painstakingly hustled to give them.

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