6 Bizarre Things That Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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woman holding pregnancy test with husband

Your chances of getting pregnant can be affected by numerous things. Of course, when and how often you are having sex is a factor. But some strange things that you never would have thought of also can boost fertility.

You should especially be having sex when you're ovulating, but doing it on other days doesn't hurt your chances either. Fire up the oven, get your hubby in the mood. Crack open a bottle of red wine and prepare to make some babies.

We decided to gather six of these things that are scientifically proven to help you get pregnant:

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1. Darkness

It turns out that you might want to start doing it with the lights off. According to researchmelatonin, the hormone which protects women's eggs from stress, is produced during lights out time. It is recommended that you spend eight hours in darkness if you are trying to get pregnant.

2. Raspberries

Men over 44 should be taking in Vitamin C since a study found that those who do have 20 percent less damage to their sperm. It's also found that women, who take in a lot of Vitamin C after conception decrease their risk of miscarriage. Raspberries are a great source of this vitamin since one cup contains 54 percent of your daily dose of vitamin C.

3. Fellas, Get The Laptop Off Your Lap.

It's very important to avoid high temperatures on the genital region if you want to conceive since the heat could harm sperm. That means avoiding hot tubs, but also laptops since having your laptop on your lap could risk sperm being overheated, according to a study. Put that big screen away and look up all your favorite naughty videos on your phone instead, fellas.

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4. Yoga

You should avoid any kind of stress when you are trying to get pregnant which includes the kind from intense exercise. If you are the type who loves fitness, then you should pick yoga over your intense routine. 

According to a study done by Harvard, 55 percent of women who participated in fertility treatments as well as a 10-week mind-body course had a viable pregnancy. Nothing quite gets the juices flowing like stretching your body to get in better positions because of yoga.

5. Oily fish

Studies have shown that omega-3s found in oily fish can reduce the risk of miscarriage and improve sperm quality. Whip up some salmon and linseed before getting busy!

6. Acupuncture

The prickly procedure and herbal medicine have been used to treat certain fertility problems thanks to the potential improvement in ovarian and follicular function, according to American Pregnancy Association. Acupuncture can also improve blood flow to the endometrium. It sounds like an old wives tale, but don't knock it until you try it.

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Nicole Weaver is a love and entertainment writer for Yourtango.