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When It Comes To Sex, Do You Like Lights On Or Off?

turning on the light

Lights on or off?

Adult toy company Adam & Eve recently conducted a survey to find out. They asked 1,000 American adults (age 18 and up) how they like their lighting during sex.

Nearly half (48 percent) of people say they like mixing it up by varying the lighting when getting it on. Ten percent prefer keeping the lights on, while 41 percent prefer to keep them off. Adam & Eve's Facebook fans share similar opinions — 40 percent mix it up, 40 percent prefer lights off and 20 percent keep them on. Sex in the Dark or Leave the Lights On?

So, based on these results, even the kinky, sex-toy-loving Americans (i.e., Adam & Eve fans) like doing it in the dark. And while it may be nice to be able to see your partner during intercourse, keeping it too illuminated can feel like an unflattering spotlight. Typically, this has to do with body insecurity — you're naked and putting yourself out there, so it's completely natural. To combat this feeling, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Adam & Eve's sex expert, suggests low lighting to set the mood. This means candles, firelight — anything that gives you a flattering glow while getting frisky. The 9 Sex Positions That Help You Fall In Love (Yes, Really!)

Sex by a fireside? Sounds hot (literally). Now, we'll just have to find a fireplace and a bearskin rug to set the mood.

Do you prefer sex with the lights on, off, or a mix of both?

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