A 16-Year-Old Mom Shows What She Makes Her Toddler For Dinner — And Kind Strangers Praise Her

It takes a village to raise children, and we may as well help each other out by sharing quick and healthy dinner recipes!

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Being a mother is hard work. It can be especially difficult for teen moms who are just figuring out how to be adults themselves. 

One teenage mother is receiving praise for her efforts to ensure that her one-year-old daughter is always cared for and that includes the healthy foods she feeds her.

The teen mom recorded herself preparing a quick and nutritious meal for her daughter to enjoy. 

Nicole Ramirez, known as @annfamm on TikTok, is a 16-year-old mother to her one-year-old daughter, Mina. Despite the hardships that come with being a young parent, Ramirez is about to graduate from high school and has done everything in her power to be there for her daughter, and ensure that she has a good life. Mina's father is also involved in her life and they are raising her together. 


Nicole often takes to her social media platforms to share snippets of her parenting journey. In a recent TikTok video, she filmed herself preparing a typical meal she makes for Mina at dinnertime. 

“Make dinner for my toddler with me as a 16-year-old mom,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. 



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Ramirez took out a can of vegetable soup and poured it into a pot to simmer. While the soup was heating up, she took out a bag of frozen vegetables and cut them up into small pieces using a pair of scissors.  Afterward, she ripped apart a slice of American cheese and melted it over the veggies. She then poured the soup over the cheese and vegetables which made them soft enough to mash together and easier for the baby to eat. 

In the background, Mina can be heard vocalizing, letting her mama know that she is ready to eat! “I’m gonna let it cool off and then I’ll give it to her!” Nicole promised, showing off the final result. 

Many people were impressed with the easy-to-prepare and healthy meal she made for her daughter. 

“So proud of you mama! You’re doing great!” one TikTok user commented. 

Others shared their own experiences with teen parenthood. 


“I too was a young mom. I had my son shortly after turning 15. He’s 26 now. You’re doing great!” one user wrote. “I grew up as a daughter with a teen mom. This made me tear up. You’re doing great Mama!” another user revealed. 

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While cooking is often the last thing many parents want to do after a long day, Ramirez proved that preparing a nutritious meal for children does not have to be excruciating or unaffordable. It can take less than a few minutes, is full of necessary nutrients, and is something that most children will love, even with vegetables! 



Vegetable soup was not the only meal that Ramirez prepared for Mina. She has shared several videos of different dinners, breakfasts, and snacks that she made for her little girl. 




Ramirez was just 14 years old when she discovered that she was pregnant. 

After her classmates learned the news, she said that they “shamed” her for it. Her family and the baby’s father, however, were supportive and did what they could to be there for both of them. 

Ramirez described her daughter as the “strongest, happiest, and healthiest baby in the world.” 


Motherhood is hard enough. Instead of shaming those who became mothers a little earlier than they expected, we can offer our encouragement and support. 

They say it takes a village to raise children, after all. 

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