A Sweet Little Boy With Glasses Shares The Way He Wishes His Parents Would Treat Him Better And People Want To Adopt Him

The heart-wrenching depiction led many viewers to express a desire to adopt him.

Geum Ju Eun on "My Golden Kids" @sosprem / TikTok

An adorable little boy is stealing the hearts of millions after he appeared on a popular TV show that depicted his gut-wrenching reality. 

Even though the little boy has a family, many people are begging to adopt him and raise him as their own. 

The little boy detailed his difficult home life and now people all over the world want to adopt him. 

The four-year-old little boy, named Geum Ju Eun, appeared on the Korean reality series “My Golden Kids,” which follows families where parents struggle to understand and bond with their children. Parenting experts step in and offer personalized solutions as to how they can mend their relationships. 


While appearing on the show with his mother and father, Geum Ju Eun confessed that he believes that his parents not only do not love him but that they don’t even like him. “I am alone at home. No one plays with me,” he said to the show’s producers after he was asked which parent he prefers. 



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When asked about his father, Geum Ju Eun described him as“scary when he’s mad.” He heartbreakingly wished that his dad would stop constantly yelling at him. 

The little boy then went on to detail his relationship with his mom, “I think she doesn’t like me.” He added that he had never told his mom how he felt since she “never listens” to him. 

Little boy with glasses shares the way he wishes his parents would treat him and people want to adopt himPhoto: Bingodesigns from pixabay / Canva Pro


Footage captured by the show’s cameras accurately depicted Geum Ju Eun’s claims. As he ran through a playground, he suddenly went into a panic and became hysterical when he could not spot his mother. As he sobbed and begged her to play with him, she stood to the side and summoned him to stand with her so that she did not have to engage. 

“You can go play by yourself. If you don’t want to, just come back here,” she told him. 



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Another clip displayed Geum Ju Eun and his mother sitting at a table as he was coloring a picture. He pleaded with his mother to stay a bit longer and wait until he finished his drawing so that they could play together afterward. The mother refused. 

She then asked Geum Ju Eun if he preferred doing math or coloring pictures. When he confessed that he liked coloring, his mother told him that it was for the best since he “looks like he is not good at studying.” 

She then went on to criticize his potential pursuit of the arts. 



“An art school boy needs to look good. But you don’t, so you can’t be an art school boy,” she told him. 


The mother’s horrific treatment of her little boy had many viewers of the show begging to adopt him so that they could offer him a better life. 

“I don’t even want kids, but I got a lawyer right now. I’m ready to adopt!” TikTok user @ngw_v2 revealed in a video after seeing the show. 



“I just want to pick him up, put him in my pocket, and run away with him,” another TikTok user (@xniecax) revealed in her own video. 



Others were calling on Geum Ju Eun’s parents to change their behavior for the sake of their son’s well-being.


Thankfully, later on in the show after consulting with parenting experts, the little boy’s mother attempted to use a different approach when speaking with her son. 

She explained that she was unable to play with him since she was often tired from doing housework. “I’m trying to understand your heart,” she said to Geum Ju Eun, who looked perplexed since his mother was speaking so nicely to him. “I felt bad because I didn’t play with you.” 

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After the little boy told his mother that he was sad that she could not play with him, she said that she would start making time to play with him despite how tired she was. “I’m sorry for making you think that Mom hates you even though I don’t,” she said. “I will love you more and play with you.” 

An update video taken a few months after the show aired showed the mother happily playing with Geum Ju Eun, who appeared thrilled and laughed along with her. 




In many parent-child relationships, parents are superheroes in their children’s eyes and the ones whom they look up to the most. Of course, they would want to play with their parents all day long if they could. 

Playing with their children not only allows parents to build a deeper connection with them, but it can also build a child’s self-esteem, according to parenting experts. 

Dr. Michael Popkin, author of the Active Parenting series, told Utah State University that by playing with their children, parents helped them to understand the world better, provided opportunities for their children to learn new skills, and improved the relationship between them. 


Even if parenting is hard work, you will have no regrets later on by making some time to play with your kids. It is something that they will surely be thanking you for a lifetime. 

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