DIY Easter Candy Cocktail Recipe

DIY Easter Candy Cocktail Recipe [EXPERT]
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Culinary Expert Zoe Rogers brings you grown-up spin on your favorite seasonal kids' candy!

By Zoe Rogers

What is the number 1 selling non-chocolate Easter candy for over 20 years? Peeps! ... but they aren't just for Easter anymore.

The obsession with these cute and cheerful, brightly-colored, puffy marshmallow bunnies, chicks, and other shapes is far-reaching. They are an edible pop-culture icon. Peeps are the subject of poems, songs, computer games, award-winning films, fan sites, crafts, paintings, and sculptures such as David Ottogalli's creations. Fans can display their creativity through contests, like those by the company who makes Peeps. There's also The Washington Post's 6th Annual Peeps Diorama Contest. In The Washington Post's "Royal Watch," Cara Kelly reported "…a flood of Peepa Middletons, royal Peep Couples, Kate Middlepeeps and Peep princes flooded the entry field."

Now, Peeps mania meets the flavored vodka trend with this “Pink Bunny Peeps Easter Candy Cocktail” or “Peeptini” recipe I created for you — made from just 2 ingredients!

In this Recipe I share with you how to infuse vodka with Pink Bunny Easter Peeps treats for a spirited and playful hot pink colored Easter Cocktail which has a dainty vanilla-marshmallow flavor and a pink bunny garnish, which when seated on the pink-sugar-coated rim of the Martini glass looks like it’s a bunny peep-ing out of a bunny hole! See the photo here!

If you are serving it before, or during Easter, call it a "Pink Bunny Peeps Easter Candy Cocktail" or "The Pink Bunny" for short. Or, serve it after Easter as a "Peeptini" — a fun and tasty way to use any leftover Pink Bunny Easter Peeps from your Easter Basket—or Peeps on sale after Easter.

Pink Bunny Peeps Easter Candy Cocktail or Peeptini

Make this for Somebunny special!

1½ ounces Pink Bunny Peeps-infused vodka (Recipe follows)
Hot Pink Sugar Crystals (available at Supermarket), to decorate Martini glass rim
¾ ounce dry vermouth
1 Pink Bunny Peeps, to garnish Easter Cocktail

To decorate the Martini glass rim: Firmly holding the stem of a Martini glass, gently and carefully (it is glass!) dip the top ¼-inch-rim of glass into a bowl with the 1½ ounces of infused vodka you are using, gently shaking off any excess. Set aside the bowl of vodka.

Then gently dip the Martini glass rim into a plate covered with the hot pink sugar, and gently and carefully rotate the glass until the rim is evenly covered in sugar.
To prepare the Easter Cocktail: Add the infused vodka from the bowl, vermouth, and 3 ice cubes to a shaker and shake. Strain into the sugar-rimmed Martini glass.

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