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About Zita Fekete

Hi, I am Zita Fekete Hungarian born psychotherapist, working in the Pacific Northwest, who specialized to deal with Emotional Manipulation.

If you are in a good relationship; most things feel safe and sound and uncomplicated. 

If you are confused, full of doubts about your own qualities, not sure what’s wrong with you but you afraid something is, because your partner indicates it… That is a desperate place to be.

It might be even worst if you tried everything possible but still you cannot feel good enough and your efforts are not appreciated.

I've seen many-many people struggling with it. They didn't even realize they were in manipulative relationship and these feelings were imposed on them for a reason: controlling their behavior by pressurizing them.

I hardly ever met people who were not manipulated some  times in their life. It can happen everywhere in every relationship. It is not a shame. Yes, it might be happening with you too.

Emotional Manipulation is a double base communication process with that one partner gets the other doing what s/he doesn’t want to by inducing guilt, shame or anxiety. In order to avoid the pressure you and me and anyone would comply; and feel frustrated, even angry.

If you protest; you are too sensitive, rebellious or cannot adjust. Seemingly there is no good solution.

Because of this manipulative control you might feel helpless and hopeless.

Without putting the blame on you, there is an understandable but huge mistake we all make:  we comply to avoid feeling guilty, ashamed or anxious. It sounds reasonable, but in reality this reinforces the unfair practice: the manipulator applies this pressure because it works!

Truly, this is our chance to take back the control into our hands! We don’t have to comply!

We have rights to our own needs and wants!
We can learn to withstand the negative feelings!
We can reveal the sneaky nature of Emotional Manipulation and resist it exactly on that hidden point which comes against us.

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