Take Our Challenge: 21 Days To An Even Better Sex Life!

We dare you (and your partner) to get hotter and heavier than ever in just 3 weeks: Ready, set, go!

21 days to an even better sex life

Question: What's better than a great sex life? Answer: An outrageous, spine-tingling, utterly fulfilling sex life. The bad news? It takes some work. The good news? The work is so. much. fun.

So strap yourself in (wink, wink), because you're invited to take our 21 Days To A Better Sex Life challenge! From now until May 12 (for three full weeks) we — along with our partner, Durex — are bringng you the hottest (and most brilliant) sex advice a couple could ever dream of — straight from some of the nation's leading love and relationship experts. Yep, our team of YourTango Experts have joined forces to give it to you straight. They're not holding anything back.


From having an affair (within your relationship) to mustering up the courage to act out your wildest fantasies, our tips, techniques and strategies will get you well on your way to getting off like you never have before — and being more intimate and in love than you ever thought possible.

So check back each day for an expert-written, YourTango-approved article that will not only help bring you one step closer to the sex life you always dreamed of, but also prompt you to say, "Omg, they went there!" Yes, we're going there. Will you come along with us? We hope so. In fact, we dare you!

Check back every day at 21 Days To A Better Sex Life — and tell us, what's your secret to a smokin' hot sex life?



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