10 Hot Ways To Use Date Night As Foreplay [EXPERT]

date as foreplay
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Challenge #20: Consider date night a prelude to amazing sex later.

Did you know that sex starts outside of the bedroom? In fact, some dates can be so arousing that they qualify as foreplay! So how do design a date that's so sexy, you're gauranteed to be tearing each other's clothes off by the end of the evening? We asked 10 of YourTango's top dating experts to share their best techniques for turning up the heat on date night.

1. Billiards

There are so many reasons I love a game of pool for date night. It's fun, competitive and sensual. Not to mention, it's a great opportunity for the man to correct your position as you're bent over the table. (Are you thinking what I'm thinking?) In a game of pool, you need to be very deliberate and strategic in your every move ... and this applies to what's going on off the pool table, as well. I suggest wearing a form-fitting pair of jeans that accentuates your derrière and hugs your curves or if you don't mind playing a little dirty, dress up in a short skirt, a peek-a-boo blouse, tights and your sexiest pair of heels. Display a hint of cleavage and spritz on an enticing perfume to tease him by appealing to all of his senses. You can trust the fact he will not be thinking about the game. Instead, he'll be wondering how your bet can be redeemed. Carmelia Ray

2. Thrill-Seeking Activities

Adrenaline gets your heart pumping, quickens your breath and makes your face flush; remind you of something? From sky-diving to kart-racing, activities that leave you buzzing with palpable energy and excitement are likely to light a spark between you and your date. Check out your local amusement park and make a bee-line for the rollercoaster. Just climbing into the coaster makes you feel like a teenager again — as in unbridled enthusiasm and raging hormones. Plus, the adrenaline rush you get as you're plunging down a big drop, whipping around a corner or speeding though a loop, is not unlike the feeling of more intimate activities. —David M. Matthews

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