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About Michele Brookhaus

As a seeker of freedom, I believe all women have the power to boldly ride the wave of bliss and create the body, mind, and spirit we each desire.

Perhaps this sounds lofty as you slog through a 9-5 or wipe snot off of your kids nose as you run out the door, and finally collapse into bed at night after a long day.  And maybe it is. Being a woman in this time and place is not always easy. It’s still a man’s world, and we are expected to run the same way, driving forward, making things happen. It’s good to feel accomplished and to get things done. Is it, however, the truth of who we are?

I say yes . . . and NO. I’d like to say that it can be easier when we remember the feminine. When we remember the receptive quality of our essence we can learn to allow some things to just come to us.  We don’t have to work so hard when tapped into our essence. Inspiration comes, knowing flows and things fall into place that much easier.

How can we make this easy?  Let’s find the path of least resistance.

All of the modalities that I use in my practice are for the purpose of finding freedom. There is nothing better than a good homeopathic remedy. It’s almost magic how healing happens without effort. ReConnective therapy too allows an integration of emotions and trauma without your conscious awareness. NLP accesses your super powers wiring them together in your brain with other resources already there.

My vision is to have women feel fully supported on their journeys. It’s not always an easy road, and some days are better than others. And we all need support. As women we do better as a tribe. Let’s join together and remember who we are.

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