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Consultant, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach

About Nancy Lee Bentley

Nancy Lee Bentley is a dynamic Wholistic Health Expert, visionary new thought leader, professional speaker, author and coach. A champion of sustainability, Nancy Lee has been sowing the seeds of personal and planetary health, making the connections and building the “soil-to-spirit” bridge for over three decades — undoubtedly why she is honored an innovative pioneer in integrating the fields of natural and organic foods, sustainable foodsystems and holistic health.

A celebrity expert interviewed on national networks from ABC, NBC and CBS, to CNN and FOX, this prolific chef, nutrition specialist and healthy foods developer is a valuable information source, frequent keynote speaker and guest expert on many national and internet radio talk shows, teleconferences and podcasts.

Recognized as one of the first 15 National Project Messengers, an Expert on top-rated SelfGrowth.com, she has also gained recognition and kudos from Earl Nightingale, 2000 Notable American Women, TrainingU.com and the US Department of Agriculture for her pioneering “Windows of Opportunity: The Market for Specialties and Organics” report.

Besides co-authoring the breakthrough "Dr. Mercola’s TOTAL HEALTH Program," her work has appeared in many national and regional publications including The Huffington Post, Bliss and Yahoo!Shine. Her own now evergreen, self published cookbook and nourishment guide, titled "Truly Cultured: Rejuvenating Taste, Health and Community", has been called “an opus” by Chicago Tribune Food Editor, Robin Mather Jenkins.

From a Cornell foods, nutrition and communications degree and Madison Avenue food styling, she has gone "full circle," ---from developing gourmet organic food products and farm-to-chef market programs, community wellness initiatives and health centers to wearing hats as Food Systems Specialist, Specialty Grain Broker, Food Editor and Healthy Foodservice Specialist, Allergy Foods and Wellness Coordinator.

This visionary food, nutrition and health innovator has many interesting stories and wisdom to tell about teaching MasterCard® chefs, baking Prince’s purple-flowered birthday cake, helping birth the first organic certification and national trade associations, developing wheat-free recipes for Cher and being first to introduce and supply organically-grown produce to now world-class Chef, Charlie Trotter.

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