I'm A Guy And Trust Me — You Need To Make Men WAIT For Sex

Men like to work for what they value.

Make Men You're Dating WAIT For Sex WeHeartIt

At the start of all relationships, sex is your most powerful bargaining chip. You control it, he does not. He wants it and will do almost anything to get it, but the sooner you give it up, the sooner he leaves.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Let’s dig deeper into this one.

Men are competitive beasts and they will fight for what they want.

If it's easy to get, it has less value. The harder they struggle to attain what they want, the more they want it.


And yes, this includes you!

Shut your guy down until he shows you with his actions that he is worthy. Make him wait. But, this doesn't happen in just one week.

So, when should you finally say "yes" to sex?

Your friends and family need to meet him. You need to meet his friends and family, too. You need to put him into situations where he can’t get laid, like daytime or morning dates or a trip to the airport. What kind of man is he in those moments?

Also, examine your own activities. How have you done in the past when it comes to sex? Have you been too quick to give in and give up the goodies? If so, did you notice any change in the relationship — meaning, did he seem a little less ‘excited’ about dating you and spending time together afterward?


Now, after he has proven himself, you need to be awesome in the sack!

Remember — don't rush into sex with him too soon. But once you give him the green light, keep his sexual appetite well-fed and he won't feel the need to turn to porn (or wander over to spend time with the hot next-door neighbor).



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