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How Communication Can Save Your Sex Life

How Communication Can Save Your Sex Life [EXPERT]

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When coaching a woman in her late thirties, I noticed a conflict going on within her that was difficult to identify. We were working together to bring more joy into her life, discover her purpose and incorporate it into her livelihood. She was ready for change. We had gone through her whole life assessment.

When touching on her relationship, she had nothing but praises to say about her man. They seemed so in love with each other. She talked about how caring and considerate he was in most of the things he did and how they would talk for hours in engaging conversation. She was a career woman, divorced and a mother of two. He was the perfect father figure for her kids. 21 UNMISTAKEABLE Signs He's Cheating On You (Dump Him, Fast!)

She mentioned, often, how loving and attentive he was. She spoke of his warm and loving touch in relation to their intimacies. Yet, every once in a while, she would say something about him where I detected hostility or sarcasm in her voice. There was trouble in paradise. 

I asked her about the occasional comments and change of tone in her voice. It took a while to get to the issue because she justified it as being a trade-off for all the good in her relationship: This woman was madly in love with a man who was not satisfying her sexually. My heart sank. She was in the relationship of a lifetime, but her sex life was lacking.

She reported that his touch was so sensual and the kissing so intense. Their foreplay was extensive, yet when it came down to her orgasms, it was usually a miss. She said she tried to talk to him about it a few times, but with no avail. 4 Ways To Live Happily Ever After

At the time of near orgasm, or right as it began, he would stop the stimulation. She was extremely frustrated at first and unable to effectively speak about it. After the second and third times, she became overtaken by rage. She wanted to scream at him, "What is wrong with you? What are you doing? Are you trying to drive me mad?" But instead, she exercised enough restraint not to verbally tear him to shreds. 

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