4 Ways To Live Happily Ever After

4 Ways To Live Happily Ever After [EXPERT]
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Long and lasting happiness can lead to a fantastic life.

When you feel good, you also feel happy. Life is one moment at a time and therefore, you can feel happy in any given moment. For what many people would refer to as long-lasting happiness, you may want to consider the list below.

1. Know your gifts, talents and find your purpose. You are a significant part of a spiritual whole, as well as the physical realm, who is specifically gifted and talented, and intended with a loving purpose for contribution to the rest of us. Some are intended to: create, comfort, listen, direct, innovate, teach, and so on.

2. To know and love yourself results in choices, intention and accountability to love and help others in some way; thus, spreading love and joy. Understand your own personal power when you're acting in your purpose and passion. You always have a choice in every moment, and it's always yours to make. You can define and create your life with your specific intentions; so, think about what it is that you want to do and become or have and make it your intention to move toward that. You are accountable to yourself for yourself. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go - no one else. (Les Brown) When you take accountability in making choices and acting with intention, there is always help available when you seek it - attracting other energies that you need is just a natural reaction to this process. 10 Tips For Finding Love In the New Year

3. Be true to you because it can only benefit in you feeling good and adding positively to the life experience of others. Find a way to live out your purpose and passion. Some find a way to do it through their chosen profession and others will find ways through their hobbies, involvement in sports or creating and performing in the arts. Others still will live out their purpose and passion through simply making the time to be avaiable and involved with others who need their help, guidence or mentorship. Utilizing your talents and gifts will add joy to your own life and that of others. Are You "Too Busy" To Find Love?

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