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Why 50 Is The New Sexy: 5 Things You Can Do To Keep It Hot

Hot Sex For Ladies 50 & Up: Best Sex Advice

It's not like back in the day when bumpy meant you had to go frumpy, and gray and white hairs meant your youth was over and you should start "acting your age." Why are things different now? Because, although aging is a reality of counted time and physical changes, we know better now. Know that 50 is the new sexy, and that you have all the goods you need. It's time to enhance what you already possess.

Entering into your fifties, you've come to understand that who you are in the world says it all — you don't have to prove anything to anyone, and your relationships with others are your signature. Furthermore, you've had to accept the little physical changes that have been taking place for a while now, and your beauty will show through to the end in the consistency and frequency of your smile and sound of your laughter.

5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Sexy On:

1. Know/exude confidence: 
You've already figured out that your partner, or potential partners, are simply attracted to the woman's body. Your body doesn't have to be "model-perfect" to be attractive; it just is. Women are born into the physiques that arouse by nature. You just got it, so own it! You're attractive to those who you want attention from (and even many, many more that you may not). Have confidence in this fact. Anything conveyed to the contrary, is merely said in an attempt to have you feel a certain way for a particular motive — don't believe it! Confidence itself is very sexy.

2. Jazz it up a bit: 
Get a few new styles of clothes and accessories, then head to the tailor to get those off-the-rack clothes fitted correctly. Take along some of the clothes you already have in the closet, too. It's amazing what a little tailoring will do for your look. Shop around to find someone reasonably priced. And don't be afraid to fit the form you've got, and go for a high hemline or low-cut short once in a while (but not both at the same time).

Here's a little story... I'm a writer and coach from my home-office. As I enjoy the morning being the most creative part of my day, I'll go straight from coffee and morning ritual onto the computer. So I may not shower and primp until late in the day if I don't have to be anywhere, and I'm totally OK with that. But if I do this too many days in a row, my partner starts looking at me funny — kind of worn down with disappointment. He likes me to look my best sometimes, even frequently, because it makes him think I'm doing it to impress him — and truth? That is my only motivation at times.

The moral of this story is that as I am very comfortable in who I am; I don't feel like I have to impress anyone. But what I've found is that sometimes my partner wants me to impress him as he is always doing things to impress me, still after all these years. Then he feels sexy if I work to impress him (sexy + sexy = lots of fun!)

3. Minimize the granny-panties!
These panties were designed to hide the panty lines when we wear dresses and professional/dress slacks... but so does a nicely fitted thong! And guess which one your partner is going to prefer when you both undress together? Remember, no matter how big (or small) your butt is, and no matter what you think of it, your partner is going to find it a pretty big turn-on. (I really feel there should have been a class on this in high school, don't you?!)

4. A new you with every do
Color your hair, cut it, change around the style every once in a while. It's very sexy when a woman changes her appearance perodically, or for different occasions. First, it shows that she cares and takes pride in her appearance. It also caters to the confidence in a couple ways: it feels great when all the compliments come in. It also shows that you know you have something good to work with, and a reason for doing it. Knowing "you got it" tells others you got it (fake it 'til you make it, if you have to)!

5. Wake up the face 
A little liner goes a long way. If you don't have the time, or desire, to make up your whole face to accentuate your features or minimize imperfections, who cares?! But if you want just a little pop, you can put some liner around your eyelids, maybe some powder and a bit of glimmer or moisture on your lips. Don't get it wrong, all natural is sexy too — it's the caring for yourself, how you look and feel, that's amazingly sexy outwardly.  And inside, it feels great too.

Last but not least, do some random checks to find out different perspectives on you and your efforts. If you have a man, don't ask him — it won't count. Males learn early on what to say to a woman when she asks these type of questions. They've found that it's likely be "a set up" question. You'll have to gather his honest opinion by his actions and comments as he blesses you with them.

For a real check, take advantage of opportunities when the topic of age comes up in a conversation amongst strangers or acquaintances. Sometimes "sexy" as a 50-something can be broken down to include looking younger than people expect for your age. But if you look healthy, and confident, then when you're told by strangers that you appear much younger than you actually are, you can translate those observations back into your sexy-meter (at least that's what I'm doing with them! Wink and smile)!

If you will become intentional about being healthy, fit, agile, sexy, and full of vigor well into your hundredth year of life, then you will naturally cultivate these desirable qualities. Go ahead and make that intention each morning, or as often as you can... and add in that it's OK to let yourself pull on sweatpants now and then.

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