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Study: Talking Linked To Sexual Satisfaction

Study: Talking Linked To Sexual Satisfaction [EXPERT]

A new study suggests that people who are comfortable talking about sex are more sexually satisfied, particularly if they talk during the act itself.

What does this mean for you, especially if the idea of talking during sex gives you anxiety or you're prone to shyness? Don't worry. Sexual communication can be both verbal and non verbal, so there are plenty of ways to communicate with your partner while you're having sex. Stressed? 5 Incredibly Healthy Reasons To Rip His Clothes Off

Here are the best ways to tell your partner what you like in bed:

1. Use non-verbal cues. The study notes that non-verbal communication during sex was just as effective as verbal. So, if your guy is doing something that you like, you don't always need to say "don't stop."

Sometimes showing, not telling, works like a charm. Moaning and moving your body in certain ways will definitely get the point across.

2. Keep it real. Speaking up in bed doesn't mean you have to pretend that you're in a D-list porn movie or start screaming and moaning in feigned esctacy. You don't have to recite lines or say anything that makes you uncomfortable.

The goal isn't to put on a good show, it's to communicate to your man what you like so that he can make you feel as good as possible. Stay true to yourself and your personality, even when bringing dirty talk into the bedroom. How To Spice Up Your Married Sex Life (& Keep It That Way)

3. Start slow. If you're used to keeping quiet during sex, take your time transitioning into sexual communication. Gauge how your partner responds and if it has any effect on the sex, positive or negative.

You might find that as you increase your communication between the sheets, your sex life really begins to take off. Coincidence? We think not! Experts Reveal How To Revive Your Sex Life Post-Kids

4. Compliments are key. Some women are uncomfortable directly asking for what they want in bed, so a great way around this is to use compliments as directions. Guys love positive reinforcement and are eager to please.

Tell him what he's doing right and he'll work even harder. Next time, he won't need any directions ... well, not as many. Men love the sound of their woman enjoying herself in bed because of things he's doing, so let him know in your own way that you are loving it.

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