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Experts Reveal How To Revive Your Sex Life Post-Kids

Experts Reveal How To Revive Your Sex Life Post-Kids [EXPERT]

Do you have a baby? Has it been a while since you and your significant other have ... shall we say ... been physically intimate with each other? Are you dying for some adult time? No surprise there.

According to a survey of over 100 mental health professionals, 75% agree that couples are the least sexually satisfied when they have a newborn or infant. But, have no fear! Help is on the way. In the same survey, we asked these experts for their opinions about the most effective techniques for getting couples with kids back under the sheets. Stressed? 5 Incredibly Healthy Reasons To Rip His Clothes Off

The experts were given six options: date nights (53%), scheduled sex (16%), watching porn together (1%), taking a vacation together (11%), going to therapy together (2%), and other (17%). Watching porn as a couple was clearly not a favorable option while planning a date night was seen as highly effective. For our experts who chose "other," we gave the opportunity to provide a different answer, and here's what they said:

— "Setting anytime aside that does not include the kids."

— "Appreciation and respect for each other is very sexy. Tell your lover how beautiful they are. Mean it. Desire trumps all circumstances."

— "Learn, optimize and maximize intimacy often and at every level. Sex is at the extreme end of the rich intimacy spectrum. If sex is all there is in intimacy, connection and feeling loved will be limited at best."

— "Taking turns initiating sex and making it a priority."

— "Date nights, scheduled sex, watching porn together, taking a vacation or going to therapy are all useful. The most effective way for couples to revive their sex life after having kids is by putting attention, creativity, time and effort into it. Your sex life can only coast in one direction. Couples need to get creative and motivated to keep their sex life from coasting."

— "If you are intentional, you can be satisfied at all times."

— "All of the above."

— "When couples make the committment to spending mindful, quality time together. This deepens or re-creates connection which increases sexual desire." 4 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

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