3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple

3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple [EXPERT]

Taking your first vacation as a couple is a huge relationship milestone. Travel is stressful, no matter where you're going or how many margaritas you've had. Will your relationship survive the journey or will it get left behind in paradise?  Here are three ways to ensure your love will outlast your vacation:

1. Plan the trip together. It might be tempting to tell your boyfriend that he can plan the trip, but you'll only end up disappointed when he reveals his plans include diving with sharks or visiting every sports museum in a 100 mile radius.

In order for the vacation to be tailored to you both, sit down together and share what's important to you from a vacation. Are you looking to be adventurous and explore or hoping for more of a mellow, lay on the beach with a book kind of trip? 4 Steps To Help Couples Speak Their Very Own Language

2. Compromise. If, for example, your boyfriend wants tons of adventures but you are hoping to relax, it's important that you both compromise. Instead of laying on the beach for five days in a row, agree to explore and go on some adventures with your man.

Meanwhile, he should be able to kick back and relax with you, if that's what you need from your vacation. Talking about what you're hoping to get from a trip, before you actually book it, can prevent arguments over how you're spending your time from developing in the first place. 5 Ways Couples Can Recover From A Fight — And End Up Stronger Than Ever

3. Expect bumps in the road. When you travel, there is so much that is out of your control, including flight delays, weather problems, missed connections, and hotels that looked great online but are disappointing in person. Part of having a great couple's vacation is an ability to go with the flow and not let the travel stress damage your relationship.

Approaching traveling as a team and tackling all of life's little hiccups together will strengthen your bond. So, don't take out your frustration about your lost luggage on your man! Instead, borrow his softest tee shirt and hold his hand because you can get through anything together! How To Be Romantic To A Man, According To Men

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