How To Rock The Hell Out Of Being Single

Single shouldn't be a four letter word ...

How To Rock The Hell Out Of Being Single [EXPERT]

Relationships are awesome — let's just get that out of the way. Love is — well — lovely. All day long, we are surrounded by women who want to be in relationships, and for good reason. However, many of these same women are so caught up with worrying about their next date, or when they will finally meet the one that they forget how to enjoy the moment. 

Somewhere along the way, being single has turned into a negative thing, a phase in their lives that they hope and pray doesn't last too long, because they are certain that their real life will begin when they meet him. So they stifle their fun, live in the future, and wait. Do You Have A Type?


It's time to stop waiting. It's time to rock being single. It's time to own it.

First things first. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Just because you're single and in a spell now doesn't mean that you are a completely loveless creature who will never find the right guy. What it does mean though is that you have this time to focus solely on yourself. You don't need to factor in anyone else's needs or wants. It's all you.

Consider if you're really taking advantage of this, and if not, get moving. Start taking zumba, spend an entire weekend baking cupcakes in your apartment, watch chick flicks until your heart's content. Whatever you want — that's the whole point.


When you approach dating on WeLoveDates, don't look at every potential match as a potential boyfriend or husband. Casual dating is a great place to start. Don't worry about what might happen years from now, if you're both on the same page and if he'll be a good dad or not. Help! I'm Almost 40 And Still Single

Think present, not future. At least for now. Focus on how you feel when you're around him. Do you have such a great time on your dates that you absolutely can't wait to see him again because he's such an awesome guy who makes you laugh and treats you with respect? If not, cut your losses. It might feel scary to turn your back on a potential partner, but being single is better than being stuck with someone you aren't one hundred percent into. 

Remember that while you might feel like it's quite the opposite, the cards are really all in your hands. You hold all the control.  Instead of feeling insecure because you're single, wake up feeling powerful. In charge. Like a bossWhat Do You Do When The Honeymoon Is Over?

Single, in a relationship, married, whatever stage of life you're in, your relationship status does not define you. If you're single, wallowing and being a totally depressing human being isn't the way to attract men ... living your best life is. Be a woman who isn't afraid to shine, a woman who makes it her mission to sparkle. These are the kinds of women men can't get enough of.


Being single is what you make of it, and we suggest you start having some damn good fun. You don't need to wait for the one to start living the life of your dreams because man or not, you are number one.

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