Do You Have A Type?

Do You Have A Type? [EXPERT]

Have you ever found yourself drawn to the same type of person over and over again, simply because they are your "type"? Do you routinely email the same kind of men on your online dating site?

Or perhaps you find yourself in the same kind of relationships, one after the next. It's as if your dating life is on some sort of loop, and you can't change the song. Single Women: Date The Opposite Of Your Type

Just like anything else in our lives, we naturally crave what is comfortable ... even if it's not the best for us, or if it doesn't necessarily make us happy, and even if it's holding us back.

Small, seemingly insignificant changes can break you out of your safety bubble though, and highlight what you really need in a man. Here's how!

Before you accept a date with someone or decide that you're interested in them, make sure you have established why. Why do you want to spend time with this person? Why are you attracted to them? Can you vocalize it? 16 Essential First-Date Tips

If it's simply because they fit the mold of every guy you've dated in the past, you might want to hang up the phone or hit delete. There has to be a reason that you're interested in them above and beyond type casting. 

Another way to break out of a dating comfort zone is to take a huge risk and jump out of the box. Grab a happy hour drink with a guy who is so far removed from the men you usually date that it's almost funny.

Finally say "yes" to the guy from your gym who has been asking you out for ages, but you never would because, yep, you guessed it ... he wasn't your type. What Do You Do When The Honeymoon Is Over?

By exposing yourself to all kinds of new and exciting men, you're opening yourself up to the possiblities of more and more love connections.  You're also training your brain to adopt a new way of thinking, to see each man for who he is. 

Instead of falling head over heels for a "type," you'll become smitten with a man on a much more personal level. Some of the best relationships are the ones that come out of nowhere.

Along the way, be mindful of how you feel. You may feel nervous or totally out of your element when you're on dates with men you wouldn't have given a second glance to before, and that's exactly how it's supposed to feel when you're breaking out of a comfort zone, but it's worth it. 

By playing it safe, you're existing in a world of ho hum emotions and predictability. Dating is an opportunity to hone in on exactly what you need in a relationship and from a partner, your type or not. It's your chance to decide your own fate, and there shouldn't be anything predictable about it. Love will surprise you, if you let it.

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