Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook

Don't overshare and other important rules for avoiding regret later on.

Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook [EXPERT]

Breaking up with someone has never been easy, but in this age of status updates, checking in and documenting your every move online, it's only getting harder. Not only do you have to find a way to remove your ex from your real life, but you've got to hit delete on their digital presence as well. Planning Your Wedding? 3 Reasons To Keep It Under Wraps

It might be tempting to furiously update your Facebook status with an overly emotional, angry over-share, letting the world know that the breakup in question wasn't your fault. However, this won't do you any favors in the long run. Social media can either be a huge support during this hard time or your worst enemy. 3 Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple


Here is how to handle your online presence while going through a bad breakup:

1. Talk, don't type! When you're in the midst of a break-up, your emotions are on overdrive and you might be tempted to say things you'll regret. This is the perfect time to call a trusted friend and meet for coffee, instead of writing an angry blog post or firing off emotional tweets. 

Sure, you might be able to go back and delete them, but we all know the Internet never really forgets. You never know who is reading what you're saying online, so it's best to be mindful and manage your online persona accordingly. Talk it out with a friend, don't type it out alone.


2. Remember that you don't owe anyone an explanation. The best and worst thing about the Internet is the access it provides into everyone's lives. Just by looking at Facebook, we can see what our best friend from high school had for breakfast, how our uncle feels about Obama and what coffee shop our boss has checked into; it's great fun, until it's not.

When people notice that your Facebook relationship status has changed and your wall explodes with notes from concerned virtual strangers, it's ok to say nothing at all. You don't need to publicly announce your breakup, you aren't Kristen Stewart and she didn't need to do it either! Sometimes no status update is the best status update of them all.

3. Keep it about you. If you can't fathom the idea of remaining quiet on your social media outlets, it's totally understandable! Social media follows your life, during the good and bad times. So if you must share, keep the focus on you, not your ex. This isn't an opportunity to slam him publicly; it's your time to be supported by your friends and contacts.

Mention how you're doing with this new life change, ask for support or resources if you're struggling, but don't be afraid to have fun. You're going through a break-up, but you're still YOU. Lighten the tone, and others will follow suit and help you move on with your life. 5 Common Myths About Sex


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