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5 Common Myths About Sex

 5 Common Myths About Sex [EXPERT]

Sex is something that is so natural and fun, but at times, can be confusing and complicated. Here are five myths about sex that you probably wonder about:

1. Condoms ruin the experience. Condoms have become something we have to use in bed, especially if we don't want to hear the pitter patter of little feet anytime soon. Everyone knows that guys hate them because sex doesn't feel as good and they are so impersonal, right?  Wrong!  These aren't your grandma's condoms. These days, condoms come in all shapes, sizes, flavors and some even heat up or vibrate. Many couples are using condoms simply for fun, not just as a form of safe sex. Stressed? 5 Incredibly Healthy Reasons To Rip His Clothes Off

2. Men always want to have sex. According to most movies and television shows, men are absolutely controlled by their animalistic sex drives and there is nothing that could prevent a guy from wanting to get it on; if there is a vagina in the room, he's going to find it! Not so fast though!  Women have bad days all the time, are too tired for sex, don't feel pretty or just aren't in the mood and we're supposed to believe that this never happens to guys?  Men aren't exempt from not being in the mood, and just because he's talking or hanging out with someone who has a vagina does not mean he wants to sleep with her. He's not just a piece of meat, you know!

3. Sex on the first date is the kiss of death. For every woman who sleeps with a man on the first date and never hears from him again, there is another woman who did the same thing and it turned into a great relationship. While having sex on the first date is risky because you're putting your mind, heart and body in a vulnerable place, it alone won't determine if you'll ever hear from the guy again. If he liked you before the sex, he'll call. If he didn't, then he won't. What You Must Know If You're Trying To Turn Casual Sex Into A Relationship

4. Sex always ends with an orgasm. It is entirely possible to have mind-blowing sex without coming anywhere near the big "O".  Sex is about passion, connecting with your partner and rolling around naked with a hot guy. Sometimes an orgasm can  just be a little something extra. 5 Things You *Must* Know To Make Your Orgasms LIKE WHOA, WHOA, WHOA

5. Bad sex will always get better. You've spent the night with your new boyfriend for the first time and your girlfriends want to hear all about it, but you don't have many good things to say and you certainly aren't looking forward to doing it again. You had some bad sex and it happens.  While many factors like nerves can affect sexual performance, and bad sex can sometimes improve, more often than not it's a sign that you're just not connecting as a couple.  Think about it, not every guy is going to be able to please every woman on earth.That's why we have to date! Of course, don't give up after just one time keep trying because aren't a quitter!

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