Are You Sick And Tired Of Waiting For Love?

One of the hardest qualities you’ll have to cultivate as a single woman waiting for love is patience.

Let’s face it, waiting for anything is stressful: waiting for the light to turn green, for the bank teller to finish with a customer or waiting for the man of your dreams.

When I was single my well-meaning friends would smile at me and tell me to stop worrying and just be patient. I wanted to scream at them, “You don’t understand how I feel, how long I’ve been waiting!” I know I was being overly dramatic but I couldn’t stop myself. In my mind I was cursing and raging at being single and making myself terribly unhappy.

The idea that I had to be patient waiting for love was simply annoying and seemed impossible. It took years of pain for me to get the maturity I needed to change my attitude and stop waiting for love. In time I began to appreciate the gift of each day and to believe my Mr. Right would show up.

It’s painful to be constantly in a state of wanting something you don’t have. If this is you, there are hours, days and weeks flying by in your life that you will never have back. It’s time to learn patience.

Patience to me is about letting go of the outcome and trusting that everything will work out. Worrying and fretting will not help you speed up the process. Holding the thought that the man who is right for you will show up at the right time and place is key. 

Here is one of my favorite quotes about patience:

“Infinite patience produces immediate results.”
~ A Course in Miracles

This may be hard to fathom but you probably have an inner sense of the truth of this statement. It’s profound and difficult to master, but the reward is great.

If patience was easy we would be living in a more peaceful world; I imagine 90% of the anger you see between people and countries would be gone.

But ultimately, the only thing you have control over is you. So if you begin to cultivate patience while you’re waiting for love, you will see and feel the results. I guarantee you will be happier and more available to receive the gift of love when it shows up.

You can start by doing something as simple as taking a walk outside. Then follow Ralph Waldo Emerson’s advice:

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

This article was originally published at It's Never Too Late To Marry. Reprinted with permission from the author.